Saturday, October 1, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: Mother and Daughter sharing very sweet Magical Moments at WDW

SPOTLIGHT: A Mom Shares her Magical Moment as a child, then enjoys seeing her daughter have her own 
magical moments at Walt Disney World

Mom on her magical moment in being in a Disney Parade when she was little...
"My first magical moment came when I was in the second grade. That was when my mom and dad took my brother and I to visit my grandparents in Florida. It rained the whole week we were there, so we stayed a second week at my grandparents campground. I have only two memories of that trip. One had nothing to do with Disney and the other is one I will never forget as long as I live. Somehow we were lucky enough to be chosen to be the grand marshals in the afternoon parade. At the time I remember thinking what a great thing, not knowing how we got lucky enough to be chosen. It wasn't until years later when I realized my grandmother had arranged the whole thing. Now it was great to be in the parade and wave to thousands of people we didn't know, but the kicker moment was at the end, our "float" pulled off the parade path, and were greeted by every character in that parade. What an experience for a six year old girl and her little brother. The pictures and video help the memory stay alive."

Mom then took her little girl down to have some Magical Moments at Walt Disney World:
"More amazing magical moments has to do with my daughter, she was 3 months shy of two the last trip we took to Disney and it was amazing how excited she was about the characters. She absolutely loves Mickey Mouse and Minnie. We got to see them outside Mission Space and she cried and whined for them to come back when the went to feed Pluto, and eat some cheese cake. They stopped to give her a special wave when they walked past her in line. When it was finally her turn to see them. 
She couldn't seem to give them enough kisses!"

 "She was the same when she got to meet Bell. There was no line to see the princesses, since it was later at night. Bell gave my little girl a hug and my daughter still talks about the moment now."
"I hug Bell mommy. She likes me." 

"When we went to the character dinner at Epcot to see the princesses, Ariel, was the best, referring to my little princess as her little guppy. To cute."
 "The characters at Disney are amazing and certainly make lasting impressions in the hearts of the young, 
and the young at heart."

If you have a Magical Moment you would like to share for other Disney fans to enjoy, please send them to:
...and you could see your Disney Magical Moment up here in the next few weekends to come:)

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  1. I love that picture with Belle. The princesses are so sweet, aren't they?


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