Sunday, October 9, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: Beth Green and C-man's Magical Moment at Walt Disney World

Beth Green and C-man's Magical Moment at 
Walt Disney World

We took our youngest son to WDW for the first time in December of 2010. He was 22 months old. I did my best to prepare him for the characters and the meet and greets, but it made no difference! He was terrified of all the characters. In all of the photos with characters he is doing the same thing- sitting in my arms on the opposite side of the character trying not to interact with them. By the end of our trip, he had warmed up a bit, but still would not get out of my arms. 
Meeting Tigger

Fast forward to September of 2011. My mom and I took C-man back to WDW for a short visit. Again, I tried to prepare him for the characters by looking at past pictures, watching you tube videos and watching Disney movies. He knew all of the characters and said he was ready to meet them, but I wasn’t so sure! When we first arrived at the Magic Kingdom, we saw Pluto before we even walked under the train tracks. C-man pointed him out and said he wanted to meet Pluto. We stood in line and when we were next, he chickened out and wanted to leave. So, we did. We went to the other side to go under the train tracks and he spotted Chip and Dale. Again, he said he wanted to meet them, so we got in line. This was a longer line, so I did a better job of prepping him. I talked him through what would happen and we watched the other kids go up, get a hug, a picture and an autograph. He said he was ready. When it was his turn to approach the two chipmunks, he exceeded all my expectations. He ran to them, arms wide open and gave them each a huge hug! I actually had to tell him to stop hugging so we could get a picture! This was a very “Magical Moment” for me as a mommy since meeting characters is one of my favorite things to do at WDW. For the rest of the trip, C-man ran to each of the characters, gave the biggest hug he could and took great photographs!

C-Man with Dale
C-Man with Donald
 C-Man with Piglet

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  1. YAY!! This makes me happy to relive it!! Thanks again for the opportunity! :)


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