Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Disney X-Mas Items Found at Lowes This year!

I love going from Store to Store checking out the new Disney Christmas Decorations. This year I found myself loving some of the Disney Christmas Items at Lowes when visiting and putting up a few for myself! Let's take a look together...

This are huge Disney Christmas Decor for your home. Can place here the tree or by the fire place. They have Mickey, Minnie, Olaf, and Star Wars Characters. The price is 19.99 to 24.99. I just loved these! They stand about 24 inches tall. Great addition to any Disney Christmas. 

Now I love collecting Disney items for outside and I noticed that Lowes had many, most are the blow ups, few were the lights. You have to see a book to check them all out because they don't carry them all in stores. You have to order them. 

This blow-up Olaf was available at Lowes for 79.98. I have never done a blow-up in my yard. I prefer the light up characters, but to each their own. 

This is the Olaf I had wants but for the price, I couldn't swing it this year, so I picked up my Olaf at Dollar General for 19.99, this one shown is a 42 inch light up for a much higher price of around 80 dollars.

Thanks for looking! Have a Happy Magical Disney Holiday Season!
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