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Fun, Great, Exciting Places to Eat at Walt Disney World

 So, I am just going to start right in with this topic... Love Walt Disney World, love everything about it, but when going to visit WDW, I normally don't think about the places to eat. Normally am thinking about what attractions and shows I want to see. 
Over the years, there have been some dining places that I enjoyed eating at in WDW and I wanted to share a few with my wonderful readers. 
Then I asked this question to my family, friends and Disney friends, "Where do you enjoy eating at when you are at WDW?", because I too would like to know about some great places to eat at in WDW. Maybe I can find some more great places to eat at when I go visit next time:)

ARE YOU READY TO EAT? This table is for you!
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So, here are my few picks for eating at WDW...
1. Liberty Tree Tavern: I have only eaten here once. It was for my 24th Birthday. I had went down with two of my friends, and we ended up making friends with a family in the line of Rockn' Roller coaster. The parents of three teen girls. When the parents found out that in two days it was going to be my birthday, they asked to meet them in Magic Kingdom. So, on my Birthday we meet them there, and they took me out to eat. I was nervous, the food was pricey for me, but they told me that they wanted to have what ever I wanted on the menu. I had roast turkey, mashed potatoes and I loved the soup! The meal was so good. I thanked them for such a great meal. It was so delicious. Liberty Tree Tavern is located in Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square:)
I hope that one of these days, I find time to eat there again. I get so busy at the parks that I never think about where to eat at times. 
2. Earl of Sandwich: I remember when I first eat here, there was a huge line and I really wanted a sandwich. I wasn't sure I wanted to wait, but the sandwiches looked so good. I over heard a guy tell the manager that he never had such a great sandwich and that it was worth the wait. My friend and I waited in line which was really not that bad, it moves fast, and where surprised at the prices. This is not expensive at all. The sandwiches are great too! I have always gone to eat at Earl of Sandwich on every one of my trips to Disney World. I look forward to my sandwich! Earl of sandwich is located at Downtown Disney:)
3.50's Prime Time Cafe: My friends and I wanted to eat someplace fun to eat at, so we decided this would be a great place. We were in for a surprise! Wait staff were 'MOMS' and treat you like children, which is so funny! Let me tell you, I ate all of my food and it was good!!! My friend didn't want her vegetables, so she tried to hide them. She got caught but since it was found out back, our "MOM" let us still have our sundae! I have to say that I just loved the sundae and so happy we ate there! Prime Time Cafe is located in Hollywood Studios:)

Now, I want to turn this over to my readers that wrote in and told me some of their picks to eat at in WDW:)
I loved all their picks and hope to try some of these places out on my next visit!

"One of my favorite places to eat is the Sci-fi dine in theater at Hollywood studios. I love watching the old corny Sci Fi flicks on the big screen. The foods not bad either lol." (message from Craig)

"I love Victoria and Albert's - only Napa Rose comes close in terms of elegance. The food at Whispering Canyon is fantastic! For the family, you can't beat Cosmic Ray's - yummy chicken, burgers with all the fixings, and Sonny Eclipse." (message by Shelly)
"Pecos in Frontierland, is one of my favorites for MK, when you want something tasty and quick. But you want to go in early for lunch or a late lunch cause that place gets packed fast at lunch time. Tasty burger and pick your own topping bar.
On the healthier side, Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square, sandwiches instead of burgers. Great Tuna fish.
Crystal Palace I have eaten at twice, buffet and characters, sometimes Pooh and friends sometimes Cinderella characters." (Message from Christina)

"On our last trip to WDW, my family and I had the great pleasure of eating at the 50's Prime Time Cafe for the first time. It has become a new favorite. Not only was the food fantastic, but the "entertainment" was first-rate!
My hubby, who's a bit of a grump, even enjoyed getting told by "Mom" to keep his elbows off the table! When she told him to write 5 times "I will not put my elbows on the table", I thought he was really angry about it because of the sour look on his face. As soon as "Mom" left the table, I asked if he was angry. He grinned at me and said, "Are you kidding? This is great!"
It was also the first place in years (since he was 17 - and he was 32 on our trip) that he actually ate meat loaf. And he LOVED it! Not to mention the fact that I received a sticker for joining the "Clean Plate Club" at the end of the meal.
We enjoyed chatting with our "cousins" at the next table. Seems they sat people from our home state right next to us, and "Mom" decided we were cousins. :DWe also liked "cheating" with our "cousins" on the homework "Mom" gave us to do before dinner.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and one we will be going back to again and again." (Message from Audra)

"Animal Kingdom- Yak N Yeti. This is a great sit down, Chinese style menu. The decor is great and if you time your reservation right, I've heard you can see the Jammin' Jungle parade from the restaurant! My hubby and I loved YnY!
Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club- this is a great diner style restaurant. they don't take reservations, but plan on waiting for a table. Burgers, dogs, chicken sandwiches, etc. The desserts are the best though!!
Garden Grill at Epcot's The Land Pavilion- famiily style, all you can eat with characters. This is a unique restaurant that revolves with views of the Living with the Land attraction.
Hollywood Studios- Sci Fi diner is fun and great atmosphere, food is OK. I love 50's Prime Time Cafe! The decor is great- reminds me of my grandmother's house in the 70s and the old black and white tv shows are great! The meatloaf was delicious!" (Massage from Beth at A Disney Mom's Thoughts

"Starting with C/S restaurants, at M/K in 1st place its Columbia Harbour House, lots of choices including the new lobster roll and salmon dishes, and plenty of seats (try upstairs if its too busy) 2nd Peco Bills Tall Tale Inn, again lots of choices, plenty of seats and great fixing station, 3rd Cosmic Rays, plenty to choose from and good fixing station. Over to Epcot, there’s only one winner. Sunshine Seasons for awesome selection and good quality of food, lots of seating. Over to H/S. Hmm apart from Back lot Express, not bad burgers etc, cant thing of any more favourites. Over to A/K, only two are worth mentioning, Flame Tree and Pizzafari, both good food, and seats available. Downtown next.1st is Wolfgang Pucks at Market Place, excellent choice on menu and good quality also, plus good seating area, followed by Earl of Sandwich, really good subs, etc, never had a bad meal yet, good seats too. Now the big guns, the table service restaurants. In first place, Jikos at A/Kingdom Lodge, outstanding cuisine, great atmosphere, fantastic selection of wines, all in all, five star quality, 2nd is House Of Blues at D/Town, superb cajun food, great, if not loud atmosphere, lots to choose from, and 3rd is Le Cellier at Epcot, saved only by the cheese soup, our signature fillets did not live up to our expectations (maybe chef not at his best that night)"
Mad Hatter (

"One of my favourite places to eat across the whole of WDW is Sanaa. We found this gem of a place quite soon after it had opened (only a few years ago), and we've been going there ever since - often 2 or 3 times on one vacation! The standard of food you get for the price is incredible; personally, I believe no where else offers such good value in WDW. Jiko's has always been a favourite of mine; however with the new introduction of Sanaa, if you gave me the choice I would pick Sanaa more often! We've never had an experience other than fantastic at Sanaa, so I thoroughly recommend.
Another favourite of mine is the Bistro de Paris in EPCOT (above Chefs de France). I had the nicest lamb I've ever tasted there! However, the downside is that it's expensive (to be expected of a Signature though).
Wow, I almost forgot Via Napoli! If you want an exceptional pizza (and I mean exceptional!) this is the place to go. This is another restaurant which offers fantastic value, for both lunch & dinner.
Anyone like their steak? I certainly do, and there's one place in WDW that cannot be beaten! Shula's Steak House at the Swan & Dolphin (I forget whether it's the Swan or the Dolphin it's in!). It has everything from the atmosphere to the best steaks money can buy. It is pricey though. Also - if you want to have your name engraved on one of the boards in the restaurant, then try and eat a whole 48oz steak! I just about managed a 24oz, so 1/2 way there :P !" Adam (

I hope this helps those that are going down to Disney World for the first time, or those that want to check out a new place to eat at like me:)
Thanks to everyone that wanted to share their wonderful places to eat at in WDW!

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  1. We ate at 50's Prime Time for the first time in September. We loved it!


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