Sunday, October 2, 2011

MouseMag Issue 4 is now out!


I am so excited about this magazine. I love writing about Disney and now I got another article in this awesome magazine. I also have an article in Issue 3. It's a mag written by Disney fans for Disney fans. I was so excited when I was asked about written in it. I never thought about writing in a mag before and got really excited! MouseMag fourth issue is now available to buy! You can go to MagCloud and get your copy today. It's $12.00 for a mag and you get a digital copy free! I already have checked it out and it's awesome! DisneyBrit has done a great job making this Disney mag!

This is the cover! My Article is "Little Wonders of Walt Disney World" and can be found on page 5!

Some other great articles to read:
Sneaking in to the Utilidors
The Most Bodacious Typhoon Lagoon
Magic on the Mad: A Cruiser's Diary
Another of Disney's Best Kept Secrets
Mouse of Zen
and so much more...

I hope you get your copy and tell me what you think of this awesome Disney magazine! There is also Issue 1, 2, and 3 still available to check out and buy!:)

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