Monday, June 1, 2015

Love.. Love.. Love.. Cocktails by Cody! Have you check the Disney drinks out yet?

Cocktails by Cody! Amazing Drinks! I have to try them all over time! Just looking at each drink makes me really think of the Disney character it represents. They are each colorful and fun! Now I found out that I book is ready to be put out on the market of these amazing Disney drinks! Follow if you are also interested in these amazing drinks to delight your friends with at your next party! Maybe someday when traveling to the Disney parks, these amazing drinks will be can dream! Here are a few picks Cocktails by Cody has shared on his facebook page....

Love these ideas for Disney Drinks? then visit and see more of the Disney wonders. Plus follow the page so you can now when the book is published so you can make your own Disney drinks at home! 

Have a Magical Day!

(PS...these pictures are not owned by me, but by the Cocktails by Cody) Enjoy!

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