Friday, September 30, 2011


The Mad Hatter

I joined a Disney site called the WDW4Brits about 40 days ago. The site belongs to two wonderful guys names Adam and Tristan.  There is a forum to write under different categories, a place to share pictures of Disney, Planning, Trips, the Parks, Weather...and so on!
I am from New England, but the site was new and looked fun to join. In the last few weeks some very interesting people have joined this fun site which I find to be a best part, meeting new Disney fans!
Meet the Mad Hatter, he enjoys giving "handy hints" and let me tell you that they are pretty handy! A few days ago, he wrote this on the site:
"...another which again would benefit family with kids.When your queing up for Finding Nemo,the musical at a/k, don't rush for the front seats of the auditorium (you see a lot of people do this)head for at least ten rows back as the stage is so high up(must be at least eight foot)the kids wont see half of whats going on,we made this mistake first time and i couldn't film the show(you are allowed to film as long as you don't use the camcorder light)another attraction hint,on Soarin at Epcot, you que into three rows,a,b, and c.try and get row a.this way if you look upwards you wont see other peoples feet dangling down,sort of takes away the magic of Soarin."
 I have always been trying to get up close on Finding Nemo, and here is someone who has done so, and made sure to let others know that it is better to be further away from the stage. Glad to know I would have been more disappointed getting closer since my stepson probably wouldn't have been able to see everything on stage. 
If would like to read more of the "handy hints" that Mad Hatter writes on the forums, you can head to  You can come as a guest, or you can join in on the fun with the Mad Hatter as a member.
Have a Magical Day:) Hope to see you at (We all my Mad People here! he he)

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