Friday, December 5, 2014

Mickey and Minnie Christmas Outdoors Displays from Walmart

There are the two Disney Christmas Decor that I picked up last year at Wal-Mart. Both were at $49.99 but since I waited until after the holidays, I was able to pick up both for half the price. I was so excited to display them this year in my front yard for the Holidays. Each one stands 30 inches tall and was easy to put together. Here are two pictures of Mickey and Minnie. Flash on and off.

 If you are looking for great Disney decor for the yard check out WalMart and others stores that have good discounts after Christmas, so you can get half off! It was like buying one and getting the other free! Merry Christmas and Have a Magical Day!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party ... was amazing!

This year I attended Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party with my family. It was a magical experience. I hope to someday get to enjoy this party again. 
A Frozen Holiday Wish

It starts from 7pm to midnight, though they opened the gates at 4pm. We arrived around 5pm. Before 7pm we walked around and went on a few attractions. When the party started, our first stop was the Tortuga Tavern were we got complimentary holiday cookies and hot chocolate.  Yum! There are seven stations through out the park that night were you could get these treats, or the had some alternative healthy options. Then we headed over to the castle and watched Celebrate The Season and A Frozen Holiday Wish! Both were beautiful, colorful and full of Disney Magic! 
Later you watched the Mickey's Once Upon A ChristmasTime Parade and LOVED every minute! The songs, the dancing, the costumes were all amazing!
The Parade
As the night went on, we stopped in for more treats, went on a few more attractions. Magic Kingdom also turned Jungle Cruise, unto Jingle Cruise which was silly, enjoyable and festive. 
As 10:30pm came around the park was less crowded, so we got to go on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which was a blast. Since we are all adults and one teenager, we stayed almost to midnight before heading back to the resort. It was hard to leave Magic you walked out, snow was falling down from Main Street USA making it a memorable night! Money well spent! 
If you have ever wanted to go to this party, I highly recommend you do!

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