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Magical Moment: A Little One's first visit to Disney World

Magical Moment: 
A Little One's first visit to Disney World

This is such a touching story of a "little one" loving his first visit to the
magical world of Disney:)

From the day I knew I was pregnant with my first child, Joey, I started planning his first trip to Walt Disney World.  When I finally picked out dates for the trip, Joey would only be 14 months old.  I had the usual comments from friends and family about waiting until he was older or waiting until he could remember Disney before I brought him.  I am so happy I did not listen to them, because his first trip was filled with many magical memories of him smiling ear to ear, especially when it came to meeting the characters.

One of the things that Joey loved at that time was Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story.  When I say loved, I mean as soon as Buzz Lightyear would appear on the TV or in a book, he would start smiling and pointing and get very excited.  I knew the first thing we would do when arriving in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (then Disney’s MGM Studios) was to head to Al’s Toy Barn for the meet and greet with Buzz and Woody.

As we approached the line for Buzz, Joey immediately stuck his arms out for Buzz to pick him up.  Of course, we were about 6 families back.  The entire time we waited for our turn, he was smiling and waving at Buzz.  When it was finally our turn, Buzz put his hand out for Joey to slap him five, which he did.  Then, Buzz noticed Joey’s Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt and made a very big deal about it.  The entire time he and Buzz interacted back and forth and Joey did not once stop smiling and laughing.

When it was time for us to leave and go meet Woody, Joey, who is normally a happy go lucky kid who rarely cried about anything, burst into tears.  My husband was carrying him and Joey was trying with all his might to stretch out in the direction of Buzz, because he didn’t want to leave.  As we got into line to meet Woody, Joey continued to point at Buzz and clearly wanted to go back to Buzz’s line.  When it was finally our turn to meet Woody, Joey was excited and had fun with Woody.  Woody spotted Joey’s Buzz shirt and made a big deal about it.  When he pointed at it, Joey pointed in the direction in a full stretch out to be able to see Buzz from Woody’s spot.  Woody was a good sport about it, but I must admit, I felt bad for Woody! Either way, meeting his two favorite characters was a very magical memory for me and one I look back on fondly.

That was the moment that I knew we made the right decision to bring Joey to Walt Disney World at such a young age.  We spent the entire week watching him hug any character he could get his hands on, dance to music throughout all the parks and honestly, smile the entire week.  Before this trip, I knew he loved Buzz, but I had no idea how much.  Luckily, Grampa & Grammie were there to spoil him and bought him his first Buzz Lightyear.  We still have that toy five years later, and it is one of the most used toys in this house by all three of my kids.  Whenever I see it, I picture the moment Joey met Buzz, and it always makes me smile.

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