Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Disney X-Mas Items Found at Lowes This year!

I love going from Store to Store checking out the new Disney Christmas Decorations. This year I found myself loving some of the Disney Christmas Items at Lowes when visiting and putting up a few for myself! Let's take a look together...

This are huge Disney Christmas Decor for your home. Can place here the tree or by the fire place. They have Mickey, Minnie, Olaf, and Star Wars Characters. The price is 19.99 to 24.99. I just loved these! They stand about 24 inches tall. Great addition to any Disney Christmas. 

Now I love collecting Disney items for outside and I noticed that Lowes had many, most are the blow ups, few were the lights. You have to see a book to check them all out because they don't carry them all in stores. You have to order them. 

This blow-up Olaf was available at Lowes for 79.98. I have never done a blow-up in my yard. I prefer the light up characters, but to each their own. 

This is the Olaf I had wants but for the price, I couldn't swing it this year, so I picked up my Olaf at Dollar General for 19.99, this one shown is a 42 inch light up for a much higher price of around 80 dollars.

Thanks for looking! Have a Happy Magical Disney Holiday Season!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Decorating for a Disney Christmas

Tis' the Season to be Jolly! I know I am! I am getting ready for another wonderful Christmas home with my family. I am sure you are as well. Every year I enjoy putting up my Disney Christmas Decorating that I have collected over the years. Here are a few fun Disney items that would be great for any Disney Christmas Home. 

This is the Disney Count Down to Christmas Calendar I bought back when they first came out with the item on I had purchased the Calendar for 39.99. When checking today, it's around 59.99. We have used it every year, and its the one Disney item that I have a Christmas that my son still wants to do even at 14 years old. It's become a tradition and he enjoys seeing the wreath get covered over the month with the small decors.

 These are sets of 9 Disney ornaments I had picked up at Disney World a few years back. Each set was 19.99 and is so beautiful in our tree. Having a matching set of Disney ornaments kinds of brings the tree together and really makes it festive. 
These sets are small, they are about 2 inches. We have a six foot tree. They have larger sets that would look great in a larger tree. The price might be a bit more but worth it!
This picture on my left shows how nice they fit in the tree. 

Tinker Bell has been my star for years. I bought her back in 2004 and have used her at Christmas ever since. She was 39.99 and I think she has gone up in price since then. They have others to pick from. I have seem others of Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse and so on. Her wings light and change colors of greens and reds. The Wings twinkle as well. I have never had a problem with her since I have bought her, A Great Purchase!

 For outside, I have some fun characters, Mickey and Minnie which were purchased at Walmart for 49.99 each and this year I picked up Olaf for 19.99 at Dollar General. Great find! They all stand about 30 inches tall outside. 

These are just a few of my Disney Christmas Decors. Would love to hear of some of yours? 
Thanks for stopping by and have a magical day.  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aloha! A Limited Stitch Hawaiian Tsum Tsum Giveaway

A Limited Stitch Hawaiian Tsum Tsum Giveaway is here!

One of my favorite Characters from Disney is Stitch. He captured my heart when I first saw Lilo and Stitch back in 2002! My favorite is how big Stitch's heart is and that quote he states at the end  "This is my family. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Ya. Still good."

I was excited when I found out that in Hawaii that had a limited Tsum Tsum of Stitch come out on Nov. 3rd. I got right online and ordered me one, then thought how it would be great to buy and have one of my readers enjoy this "cute and fluffy" (as Stitch would say) Stitch Tsum Tsum Exclusively sold only in Hawaii. 

TO Enter for this giveaway, just follow each question is Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Starts Nov 19th at noon and Ends Dec 10th! 
Tell your friends and Have a Magical Day!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween From The Disney Blue Fairy!

My House this year:

During The Day Light....

It's TinkerBell on a pumpkin

Olaf, All Lit Up!

Happy Halloween From Vampire Mickey! 

Again Happy Halloween and Stay Safe out there tonight while Trick or Treating! 
Have a magical Time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tsum Tsum Giveaway!

I can't stop collecting these Tsum Tsum and when I think I have them all, more come out! I started my collection back in 2014 and don't seem any end in sight of these amazing Tsum Tsum. They are so much fun to collect that I think everyone should have at least one, so I have decided to have a Giveaway and one lucky person gets TWO Tsum Tsum...the Cinderella And Prince Charming 3.5” Mini Plush Toy!!! Great start to any Tsum Tsum Collection!

Here is what you will win....

If you want a chance to win this pair of Tsum Tsum 
to start your collection or add to it
then just fill in the rafflecopter below! 
...and good luck! Ends Oct 31st

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, June 1, 2015

Love.. Love.. Love.. Cocktails by Cody! Have you check the Disney drinks out yet?

Cocktails by Cody! Amazing Drinks! I have to try them all over time! Just looking at each drink makes me really think of the Disney character it represents. They are each colorful and fun! Now I found out that I book is ready to be put out on the market of these amazing Disney drinks! Follow if you are also interested in these amazing drinks to delight your friends with at your next party! Maybe someday when traveling to the Disney parks, these amazing drinks will be can dream! Here are a few picks Cocktails by Cody has shared on his facebook page....

Love these ideas for Disney Drinks? then visit and see more of the Disney wonders. Plus follow the page so you can now when the book is published so you can make your own Disney drinks at home! 

Have a Magical Day!

(PS...these pictures are not owned by me, but by the Cocktails by Cody) Enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Finding Disney Treasures

This weekend I spent some of my time in the morning shopping around at Yard Sales. I had one thing on my brain while hopping from one yard to another....Disney! My favorite finds are old treasures that can't be found anymore on the shelves at Disney or online. I like to see what people have left in their basements over the years and finally letting these items see the light! Here are a few of my finds this weekend...

I found this 'A pictorial souvenir of Walt Disney World' book. It looked old, a few pages were falling out but still in good condition. It was at a yard sale that you could give a donation, so I gave a few dollars for this book and a few others finds. When I got home, I found out online
that this book is from 1975 before Epcot. This book was a fun find for me!
Also at this yard sale was a Press-Out book of Dumbo by McDonald's back in 1987. The best part of this book is nothing is pressed out. All the pieces are still in the book and prefect! I was excited about this Disney item, I love Dumbo!
Another Yard Sale had Disney magnets. I remember seeing pictures of these Disney magnets but weer excited
to get each one for 25 cents a piece. Mickey, Minnie, Donald magnets and a Walt Disney World magnet before Animal Kingdom. The people at the sale told me that their parents loved to travel and would pick up magnets as souvenirs. Picking up magnets is a great idea for souvenirs and something I do also when traveling!
MY favorite find was this Disney watch. It's Mickey and friends Disney Time Works watch from Disney. Can't find anymore and it's hardly used. I picked it up for $4.00! It was like a Dream Come True!
Do you Yard Sale for Disney Finds? What amazing things have you found?

Have A Magical day!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Yard/Garage Sale Hopping : Disney Finds

I love going to Yard/Garage Sales and look around for Disney items. This Saturday I visited six houses and found some Cool Disney items. I get excited when I find anything Disney related and have to buy! Here are my finds on Saturday: 

I found mugs, different kinds and love collecting them. I got a Disney On Ice Mug for 25 cents, a Walt Disney World Mug that still had its price tag on it of $6.95, for 50 cents. The lady said she had never used it. And I found an Epcot Center mug that has a date of 1982. It's in great condition and again, never used from what I was told for 50 cents. Mugs are very common to find at Yard Sales because many people buy them and then realize they have to many and sell them. I have found some great Disney mugs by visiting Yard Sales.
Also found was a Tinkerbell Figurine Set : Fairies which was never taken out of the box. Price tag still on for 12.50 but I paid 1.00 for the set! Great deal!
 The last find was a Disney Puzzle box, on Disney vintage posters and also had its poster still inside, nice and clean, all 1000 pieces! I paid 50 cents for it!

What fun Disney Find have you found when hunting through Yard Sales? I'm already excited about my next Disney Find adventure out on a Saturday morning! 

Have a Magical Day!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Become the 1000th happy haunt at The Haunted Mansion

Become the 1000th happy haunt at The Haunted my son did when you go to Magic Kingdom at WDW. He loves the Haunted Mansion ride, it's always been a favorite and now the one he has to visit first when we go to MK. This time we went, they had the new Haunted Mansion Store Opened...Yes, sadly the cart is no longer there :( but the store is amazing and fits right in with the theme. The best part is they have a room where they capture your inner ghost...and my son had own his! He loved the experience...and what we saw after was awesome!

This is his picture, you move it from side to side and see your inner ghost. He now has it in his room. This amazing picture is 19.95...and the best part is a glowing spirit (right) in the back room makes it for you and sends it out to you here in the cabinet (left):

So if you want to be the 1000th happy haunt and see what your inner spirit looks like..then stop on by the new haunted mansion gift shop for a special treat!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A NEW Easter Item found at Dollar General ...Olaf!

I went to the Dollar General the other day and found this new treasure...

I had to try him and Yummy! He is just a $1 at the store and comes in a Fruit Punch flavor! Would make a great treat in the Easter egg basket this year for any Frozen Fan!
  Have a Magical Day!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Art of Imagination Resort...Oh what fun!

This past trip to Walt Disney World we stayed at Pop Century Resort. I have stayed there before two other times, but the rates are good and they had opened room when I booked. I have never seen Art of Imagination Resort before and since its right across the water (a bridge and lake separates the two resorts) we found our way over and checked it out. 

I have to say, I loved the look of the resort! Beautiful, well made sections that represented four movie classics, Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Cars, and Ling King. AS we walked through we had to get some pictures and we had a blast taking them! We might have spent two whole hours just walking around and taking snap shots of different characters.

Here are a few pics of our travels through Art of Imagination:

Hanging out with Simba and friends!

OH MY...Its Prince Eric


Learning how to fly


Hanging out with an old friend

Have you been to the Art of Imagination and what fun pics have you taken with the characters?

Have a magical Day!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Fun for all ages!

I would have to say that one of my favorite mini golf courses I have ever been to so far has to be Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf. My family and I enjoyed all the holes on the course. Each one was unique and challenging. All of us that played were over 10 so it was $14.00 to get in, though you can have it on your passes when you buy your tickets. 
There are 18 holes in all and each one exciting to play! Its great for all ages! If you have never tried any of the mini golf courses at Disney World but wanted to at least try one, then Fantasia is the way to go!

I loved all the characters along the way through this fun course! The Hippo, the alligator, the flamingos and Mickey of course! Some objects move while you play on a course so it can be difficult for kids and even some adults! LOL! You do get a score sheet and pencil to keep track of your points. 

We had decided to play mini golf on an off day at Disney. An off day for us is when we don't go to the parks and just explore other  things Disney has to offer. We decided to go to Disney Boardwalk and then walked over to the mini golf course. It was about an hour to play with the four of us.  

So, keep this on your list of fun things to do while at Disney World on an Off Day! 

Have a Magical Day! 


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