Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dreams REALLY do come True!


This weeks theme with Babes in Disneyland is all about Dreams and as I read the theme my mind started to take me back to when I was ten years old. That was when my parents bought me The Little Mermaid. I watched it all the time, every day and knew all the lines. They then started to save to take my sister and I to Walt Disney World in 1992. My little sister and I didn't know much about Disney, but we wanted to go for it sounded fun, plus I knew that was where Ariel and Mickey lived. I remember dreaming of what Walt Disney World was like, meeting characters and seeing the shows. 
The day we got on that plane and saw Disney World for the first time still plays in my mind. I remember being on the boat that took my family and I across to Magic Kingdom. Seeing Magic Kingdom get larger as we went across the lake was so exciting! This was a dream coming true, and I couldn't believe my own eyes that in front of me was the castle. It was so BIG! Even now, I can't believe how BIG it really is. I knew at that moment, seeing that castle in front of me, that this was were I wanted to work someday.
So in 2003 I made that dream of working at Walt Disney World come true. Disney has a program for college students to go down and work for Disney. In the Spring of 2003, a plane took me down to Walt Disney World. Feeling so lucky, I got my job handed to me which stated that I was going to be working at Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. 
I was also going to see the parades go by me every day for the next four months! Let me tell you that I had tears the first day I saw the parades go by and still on my last day, those tears formed. I loved helping guests have a magical day at the park while I was working at WDW. It was hard to say Goodbye to Disney when I left the program, but I knew I would always be going back down to visit!
Like many others, I enjoy living in this wonderful fantasy world that puts smiles on faces every day. When I put my head down for the night, Disney always seems to find it's way into my dreams. I wake up and I start day dreaming of my next trip down to WDW. I am a very proud Disney-addict and not afraid to say it!
Now, as I plan my next Disney Trip, I find myself these days blogging about my adventures at Disney,  sharing magical moments with others, talking with other Disney fans on multiple sites and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Dreams REALLY do come True!


Thinking of you Disney!
Thanks for making Dreams come True!


  1. Really great story, wish I had known about the college program..

  2. I wish I could talk my son into this! He's in the musical theater program at NYU and I think it would be a perfect fit. (Maybe I have to show him your blog!!)


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