Thursday, July 28, 2011

Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safaris

Adventure Through the Wildlife Preserve at Disney World
Ever wish you could go to Africa and go on one of those Safari tours. Well, at Animal Kingdom they have a ride called Kilimanjaro Safaris and it is a sit down attraction for all ages that takes you through 100-acre savannah in an Africa setting. It feels so real when you get into the safari jeep and you head out onto the plains of Africa. The animals are all around you and all you want to do is take pictures! The trip around is like an exciting expedition through the wildlife preserve for you become part of a story. You and you friends get to help save two elephants from poachers. This is a must see attraction at Animal Kingdom! I enjoy this ride every time I go on it with each of my visits. The time in the day will also determine which animals you might see for some of the animals hide or take shade during the hot afternoons. Some animals enjoy being out grassing during that time of the day. So, each time you go down to Disney World, pick a different time to go on that attraction. Here are a few pics of some of my adventures through the wildlife preserve of Kilimanjaro Safaris.
 These Rhinos are normal always out when I have been
on this attraction. One time though, a rhino must have
been having a rough day for he starting stampeding
at the jeep all upset. Though he was cooled off by the 
time he reached the jeep:)

This is my favorite picture because I have been
through the wildlife preserve many times and 
this was the only time I have ever seen her! Only she was
hiding in the shade in the glass area, or between boulders. 
I was so excited!!!:) She is one big beautiful cat!

This is a small island of birds, some from Africa mixed with a few
ducks and wildlife from around Florida. At one point, the birds
that naturally lived in Florida were removed from this ride,
but not any longer, for now they all get to live together in
beautiful harmony. Plus the natural wildlife doesn't really
take the Africa feel away to me. Glad the ducks get
to live there again! The flamingos don't seem to mind the
ducks at all.

So, when you are down at Disney World and head over to Animal Kingdom, don't forget to check out this wonderful attraction. It's a must see fro everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Magical Disney Vault!

I am a proud member of the Disney Movie Club! I love it when Disney movies come out of the vault. I get excited and goose bumps start forming! I been trying to upgrade all my Disney Classics to Blu-Ray and looking forward to the next two movies that are coming out of the Vault!!!
First is Bambi II ....this is great because Bambi had came out not long ago on Diamond Edition which I got right away! So happy that Bambi II will be out of the vault Aug. 23rd!! Got to get a copy! It's a Special Edition!
Bambi II out on Aug23

This is one of my favorite parts in the movie!
Father and Son!

Also soon to be released for the Disney vault is a BIG favorite...The Lion King! I love this movie! When I heard it as coming out again.. I felt like it was 1995 again! I so want this new edition...It's Diamond Edition and Blu-Ray! 
 Yep! The Whole Gang is back!!!
The Lion King out on Oct 4th
I know it's sadly not out until Oct. 4th but you are pre-order. If you per-order with the Disney Movie club you will get 325 points for Disney Movie Rewards! I love getting points!! They add up so quickly and the site is always adding new cool Disney items you can get for free shipping and handling! Or, you can wait to until the movie comes out...look on the inside cover and get the code to get points! That easy!!
So happy for the Disney's magical! Puts a smile on my face every time it opens:) ....well until the movie goes away and the vault

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mad Tea Party experience at Disney World

Get Me Off This Ride Please!
I love everything about Disney World. I enjoy going to all four parks and experience the magic! But sadly there will always be one ride I will have to skip and that is the tea cups called Mad Tea Party! Now why you might ask I might what to skip this Magic Kingdom Ride? 
Well, it happened during my Disney internship back in 2003. It was a spring and there where many guests in Magic Kingdom. We were waiting around for SpectroMagic Parade to start. I was with one of my suite mates, her friend and my roommate. My suite mate thought since we had time to use, we should go on a few rides. I was fine with that fro I love going on Disney rides, anytime, anywhere at Disney. 
We walked by Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland and my suite mate and her friend saw how the line was not that long so felt that should be a ride we could do now. I was a little nervous because I heard how fast it can spin but I thought I would be ok on it. We got on the ride and the ride started slowly. I laughed along with my friends and was enjoying myself. But the it started to go faster and my suite mate that it would be so much fun to spin the tea cup fast!!
So with the spinning and the speed we were going at, I started to feel sick. I started to say things like," I am getting sick!" and "Get me off this RIDE!!" But my friends thought I was joking and the ride just keep going!
Let me tell you that closing your eyes doesn't help on this ride. It might even make you feel worse! 
After the ride stop, which felt took forever, I tried to get off the ride. That is right, I used the word TRIED, for I was walking all messed up. I found my way to the exit and ran to the nearest garbage can. My friends then were a little concerned about me! I think my roommate was the most, because she stayed with me. The other two didn't want to miss the parade and took off to check it out because it had started. I tried to walk, but felt so sick. 
After that my stomach couldn't settle at all. I was a big mess and had to sit every few minutes just to try to get around the castle to see some of the parade! O, what a day! This is why Mad Tea Party is just not for me! Have never been back on it since....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mickey at Disneyland

I have meet Mickey many times at Disney World, but I have only been to Disneyland once back in 1999 and he was dressed so differently. He was wearing his Robe and I thought that was a little different for him. Though I was still very excited to see him just the same. I have always wondered if anyone has ever saw him like this at WDW? Or was this just a Disneyland thing for Mickey to dress this way? Either way, I remember having a great time and enjoyed the park just as much. Here is the pic of my and Mickey back in 1999!
Mickey and Me at Disneyland
(you can see just how excited and happy I was in this pic to see him!) lol

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Liberty Square at MK

 My days at Liberty Square
When I did my internship in Spring 2003, I got to work at Liberty Square. I was nervous but so excited at the same time. I remember when I first saw the dress that I would have to wear almost everyday, I was shocked how big it was! lol... It hot a lot in that dress, but lucky, mostly of the time, I was inside one of the shops. I mostly worked at Yankee Trader Gourmet Shop, and Heritage House, but once in a while I did get to work at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. Also at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe I got to painting on ornaments. That was a fun job! I went through some of my pics when I was doing my internship back in 2003 and came across this pic. I just have to share it!
 Me dressed up working at Liberty Square with my roommate next to me!

This seems to be the week of looking back in time and sharing memories! I have found some more fun pics that I hope to share in the days to come! Just living the Magic!
When I worked at the Haunted Mansion Cart I wore a different outfit. I am still looking for a picture of that one! lol

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GET A DISNEY AUTOGRAPH BOOK...they're the best!!!

 1992 Disney Autographs!
I was going through some of my childhood items when I came across my old Disney Autograph book. I was so excited to look through it! There were so many autographs from Disney characters plus others that I had forgotten about! It took me back to 1992! That was my very first visit to this magical world that is known at Walt Disney World.

So this is my little sister and I at Magic Kingdom, we waited in line to meet Mickey Mouse! I remember how excited I was. Glad I got a chance to get a picture with him and his autograph!

Here is when I got a chance to meet Beauty and the Beast! Of course the Beast couldn't sign but I got Belle's autograph which was awesome! I loved meeting all the characters through the parks!

YEP! This is my favorite memory of all...I loved coming home from school to watch Darkwing Duck on TV! It was my favorite cartoon show on ABC Disney! How I miss seeing this show!

I have to say that looking at these autograph books brings back memories! I recommend getting an autograph book for your child when you go down. They will have a wonderful keepsake from this magical world! I am so glad that my parents got me one! When I went down with my stepson in 2009, I made sure to get him one! He loves his book, he has pics with the characters and their autographs. When he get older, he will have that with him to look back on at his first trip to Disney!

These are the books. The red is from 1992 and the blue from 2004, so they don't change much over time. They do have some books that come with pens and places inside to put pics next to each autograph as well.
Happy Travels to the magical world of Disney!:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

My view on Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

I stayed here in July 2007! Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa is a beautiful resort. It is Victorian-style and New York-ish which gives it this relaxation feeling when you stay there. They have a lovely spa which does Massage Therapies, Facials, Hydro-Massage Therapies and so much more! My friend and I went in there to check them out and the spa was wonderful. They other great recreations like Bike Rentals, jogging trails, basketball court and so much more! What I loved about this resort is that you can get on a Ferryboat that will take you to Downtown Disney Area. I used the ferryboat many times, but they also have a sidewalk area that will take you to the Downtown Disney Area as well. They have some wonderful pools, I loved the pool with the water slide. I used that pool at my stay. I also enjoyed the food at the resort. They have the The Artist's Palette which we had breakfast at every morning! There is also the Turf Club Bar and Grill to eat at as well. I would have to say that I had a tough time finding my way around, it was like a maze for the first few days. The buildings are pretty spread out and there are different locations to pick up the bus which was confusing at first. But if this is a resort for you, you will over time understand the placements and grow to love it. The rooms where large and beautiful. Everyone was friendly and was in the Disney spirit! In the map below, we stayed in the right lower section.

There are also Treehouse Villas that are awesome. I hope to one day stay there, and it holds up to nine people! There are so cool! They are like staying up in the trees and have beautiful decks. You will feel like Tarzan and Jane! LOL


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Disney's Hollywood Studios...meeting Lucy!

What I love about Disney's Hollywood Studios is not just the rides, Attractions, shows, but the people you will meet!! You will not meet just Disney characters but other famous people. I loved going during Star Wars weekend because I got to meet all the star wars characters, but my favorite had to be when I meet Lucille Ball..aka...LUCY! Also with her was Desi Arnaz who is know for Ricky Ricardo on "I love Lucy"! I love "I Love Lucy" and I couldn't believe it when I saw her walking around Hollywood Studios! I had to do a double-take to make sure it was really her! I ran up to her and was saying "I love your show! You are so funny! Can I take a picture with you!" It was the best day ever!!!
You just never know who you are going to meet when you go into Disney's Hollywood Studios! Just have to keep a good eye out for anyone who is walking around!:) I have even seen Marilyn Monroe walking around!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

50'sPrime Time Cafe (a fav!)

The 50's Prime Time cafe in Disney's Hollywood Studios is such a fun restaurant to eat! It's like eating at the table in the 50's with your mom and dad! My friends (who I roomed with at Disney) and I wanted to try this place out one day so we went to eat there. We had to make a reservation in the morning, when we got to the restaurant at 1:00ish we were seated almost right away! We were seated by a lady who started to treat us like she as our mom! I have to say this gets pretty funny! There is NO putting elbows on the table and you have to eat all your vegetables too! One of my friends thought she could get away with putting her veggies under her chicken on her plate when the lady (mom) came back. She took our plates, said since we were good we could have dessert, so we ordered one HUGE sundae to share. I have to say I laughed when she came storming out saying, "Someone at the table didn't eat her veggies!"
The two of us that had eaten everything pointed at our friend! Then the lady (mom) said," Lucky you all ordered before I saw that!"
It was funny! I saw a few people who didn't eat their veggies had to wear a bib and get their picture taken being feed the veggies! Talk about funny! I would have to say that the food was great, like mom would make at the table. If you enjoy some good laughs then this restaurant will be right up your alley.
To make reservations, book online or call (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A NEW DOG with a new name...

My stepson has been wanting a dog for a long time. He also has been saving money to go back to Disney World. Just last week he handed me over $300.00 dollars of Disney money to get a dog. He said," Disney is for a week, a dog is for a lot longer." I was shocked but it was his money and so I looked on line for a dog that would fit our family. I found this cute, active, fun dog online. Wrote a few times to the foster owner and sent in my application. We hope to hear from her again this week about meeting the dog. Sam wants to name the dog and I said we should have a Disney name. He liked Stitch. He has always loved Lilo and Stitch! My husband thinks the name is o.k., but not sure. We want a vote on this name...what do you think?
Does this dog look like a Stitch to you? Vote on my poll on the right side and then we can make a decision! Thanks everyone! Have a magical Disney day! ...and yes...we still will go back to Disney World soon..he is already starting to save up again too! lol

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Disney Birthday to you MOM!

I love Disney and so does my mom!! Here is a little Disney song for ya! and yes, I am sharing it with all my amazing Disney friends too!
This is so if you like cats (like my mom and I) you will really like this video! So catchy! Off the Disney Happy Birthday Album. Enjoy watching and happy birthday mom! Love ya!:)

Spirit of Aloha at Disney

I have to say that this has to be one of my favorite shows (Spirit of Aloha) that I have seen at Disney. This show is held at Polynesian Resort at Disney World. The show is a family-style luau that shows hula dancing and also has an amazing fire-knife thrower! I loved the food as well, barbequed pork ribs, roast chicken with fresh pineapple, salad with mango poppy seed dressing with Mandarin oranges (This is delicious) , Polynesian-style rice and seasonal vegetable. I have to say that I ate everything and wish I could have gotten more! I just loved the food, and I also enjoyed some of the drinks. The show was great, the food was amazing and I was sad when it was all over. There were also songs that they asked people get to up and dance on stage. My husband and I were on our honeymoon so we got up and danced to the lovers song. It was very romantic. They also had a song for those who had a birthday that month and at one point they pick people out of the audience to learn a dance with the dancers. That was the funniest. I loved the dancing and the costumes. Here are a few pics of the dancers...

If you ever wanted to watch this show but didn't get a chance to see it yet, make the plans! It is amazing and so entertaining! I loved it. Seatings at 5:15 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday and you can call call (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463 or even make reservations online. To learn more about the show go to

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Funny Disney Character Meeting

 So, I was going through my pictures and came across this pic up above. I started to laugh because my stepson made friends with Mulan during his character greeting. I was in the shop near by and didn't know this he saw Mulan and talked with her. I was picking out some items and then came back outside and found a place to sit down. All of a sudden I saw Mulan. She started walking by me then stopped.
She looked at me and said, "Hi Sara, I have heard so much about you!"
I was stunned, I looked around to see if it was me who she was talking to for I didn't know how she knew my name.
"Ahh...Hi, Mulan. How do you know me?" I asked, very confused. 
"From my special friend," She said as she reached out to shake my hand. Then my stepson hopped out from behind her. He was smiling from ear to ear.
"Mulan and I are friends now. I told her all about you!" he said with a proud look on his face!
I was a little red with embarrassment, for I wonder what he had shared with Mulan but I was happy too! She then turned and gave Sam a final hug. He was so happy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

That Special Favorite Ride at Disney

I am sure everyone has their favorite ride when they go to Disney. We enjoy everything about Disney, but this one ride just makes us just a little more excited inside. Every time I go to Disney, I can't wait to go on Space Mountain. I get into Magic Kingdom and that is the first place I go to get a fast pass. I don't think I could make it waiting in line! I just want to get to that space rocket and go to Outer Space so BAD! I love the darkness and the ups, downs, side turns...just writing about it, makes me wish I was on it right now!
 I remember when I was working at Magic Kingdom, I would get off work and head over to Space Mountain to ride it before leaving. This is such a great ride. I even like it when you get off and have to get on the moving walkway to the gift shop and  see yourself on the camera at the end! It's so much fun!
Even when I went down for my Birthday one year, my friends told the cast member that it was my favorite ride so he gave me free passes to ride it a few times without having to wait!! I was so overjoyed! I wish that I could have a Space Mountain in my own back yard.
The funny part is that when I first went down to Disney, at twelve, I wouldn't go in line for Space Mountain. I was nervous because it was a dark ride. Now I love it because it's a dark ride! I can't wait to see Space Mountain up close again in the near future! I miss you, Space Mountain!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MouseMag Rules!

I am so excited about this mag. I love writing about Disney and now I got an article in this awesome magazine. It's a mag written by Disney fans for Disney fans. I was so excited when I was asked about written in it. I never thought about writing in a mag before and got really excited! MouseMag third issue is now available to buy! You can go to MagCloud and get your copy today. It's $10.40 and you get a digital copy free! I already have checked it out and it's awesome! DisneyBrit has done a great job making this Disney mag!
This is the cover! My article Making Magical Moments can be found on page 13! I hope you get your copy and tell me what you think of this awesome Disney magazine! There is also Issue 1 and 2 still available!:)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Disney Value is always great!!

When I go down to Disney, I stay on Disney Property. I have stayed a few times off but I prefer the feeling of staying right in the heart of Disney! I love all their resorts, have stayed at many but still prefer to stay at their value resorts because they feel more Disney-ish! There are so many cool things to look at when at these Resorts. There are now going to be five value resorts and all different! I have stayed at the All-Stars Sports and Music resorts, (not Movies yet) but here is POP Century, the last Value Disney Resort we stayed at back in 2009!
Here is a map of Pop Century! My husband  the building we stayed in that time. We got to stay in Lady! Tramp was on the other side of us. At each value resort that have different sections with characters or a cool figure to mark where you will be staying in. It makes it so much easier to find your room! They have three pools for kids to play in. This resort had three cool pools. We played mostly in the pool shaped like a bowling pin!
My stepson Sam loved playing in this pool. he would have stayed all day and night in this pool if we would have let him. They had floating balls that looks like bowling balls. We would throw them around and at each other in the water! I have to say that if you decided to take a break from the parks for it got to hot, then this is the place to be! And with three to pick from, it makes it that much more fun! Plus I loved that it was very close to our room so we didn't have far to walk back!
All we ever had to do was find Lady and she guided us back to our room. Plus it was cool to know we had her. She is one of my favorite characters. So each section will bring you to where you need to be, you just need to remember who is staying in front of your building!
This is my wonderful father posing in front of the main pool that is right next to the main building. The main building has everything in it!! You can't get lost at all. You have the front desk, information desk, the gift shop, the food court and the game room!!! ALL in one building and then when you come outside there is the pool and three different was to go. You just need to know which character at this resort you are under and you are good to go!
Plus you never know who you are going to meet at the value resorts! Here I am with Goofy! I meet him along one of my walks around the resort. I can't wait to go back and stay at the new Disney's Art of Animation Resort. It's going to be another fun adventure!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's A Fantasy and it's coming to life!

So I am very excited about the expansion of Fantasyland. I can't stop staring at this picture that I got online of the new Fantasyland expansion happening at Walt Disney World. It is so beautiful and so exciting. Already I heard that the Beauty and the Beast Castle is almost complete. This is amazing. It will be so exiting to walk through each story right in Fantsayland and feel like you are right in the movie yourself. Only Disney can pull something like this off and I am so proud to say that I am a Disney Fan! Disney keeps making magic and I'll keep going down living through it! So by 2013 your going to want to go down to Disney World to see this new expansion! You going to be able to dance with Cinderella, hang out with Sleeping Beauty at her Birthday, have a performance with Beauty and so much more! This is going to be a Dream Come True!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oldies but Goodies....Disney Murals

So, when I was younger I loved to paint. I painted so much that it was costing my parents lots of money. My mom decided that since I was so good at painting that she would paint my walls white and I could paint on them instead. I was very excited about this project. I loved Disney back then as much as I do now so I wanted to paint something to do with Disney. I looked through some Disney books I had when I was thirteen years old and decided to draw Jasmine, Belle, The Lion King Cubs and so on... Here is one of the murals I painted when I was thirteen but didn't finish until I was almost fifteen. Jasmine and Belle were painted to be as tall as me, about 5'5". Belle is sadly not in this picture, she would be on the left side of Jasmine. Jasmine is also holding a bird in her left hand that is not shown here.
Later I started to make a scene of Pocahontas with a beautiful waterfall behind her. I draw the picture on the wall when I was sixteen but got busy with sports, then I graduated went to college. I guess life took over and for years it never got done. But when I was about twenty seven I decided to finish what I started and painted Pocahontas! I have to say that I am very proud of my work. When I was painting her, I felt like I was a teen again. Here is the mural of Pocahontas....
  Pocahontas is about 3"10' high. She is holding the compass in her hands. I loved the bright colors I used to paint her. I also have a mural of Ariel on my door to my childhood room at my parents that I did when I was twelve but I can't seem to find a picture of her.
Now, we have moved into a new house and I have been painting a room white. I want to make a new mural of Disney World. I am very excited about this new project and can't wait to put it up as a post in the near future! Thanks mom for painting my room white when I was younger, I loved all the murals I have come up with over the years!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Missing some of the Old days at Disney

I have to say that there are things at Disney I miss. One of those would be the Adventurers Club  in Pleasure Island. I loved going into that club and feeling excited about the shows. The people who worked at the club where funny, lively, friendly and exciting! They all had fun names to be called by which made me laugh! I miss Hathaway Brown,
Madame Zarkov, Pamelia Perkins, The Maid (who always had a different name when I went there!),  Fletcher Hodges, Otis T. Wren and so many more! They had different rooms that had shows put on by one of the characters or many of them. I loved going into the The Library where they would have their largest show...and they would sing this starting song...  

"Marching along we're adventurers
Singing the song of adventurers
Up or down
North, south, east, or west,
An Adventurer's life is best. KUNGALOOSH!!"

I miss you Adventurers Club! I always had fun there!
Here is me at the Adventurers Club in 2006! Sadly it closed Sept. 27 2008 for good:(
I end with the club Motto: "Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt!"
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