Monday, October 17, 2011

FREE Disney World Maps online!

FREE Disney World Maps

I love going on the site. I think I fins myself there about every day. Either I am checking out new attractions to see next time we go to Disney or check out the Disney online store. A few weeks ago at the bottom of the website, I noticed a box that started FREE Disney maps. I was wondering what it was about so I thought it would be cool to check out. When I clicked the box, it brought me to a place whee you can customize Disney World Maps. You pick our favorite attractions or attractions you don't want to miss on your next visit for each park.  Since I have been to Disney World every year, I found it easy to go through and pick all the attractions that I wanted to see on my next trip down to Disney World. The customize part is very easy and anyone can do it online. I found even after when you get to pick the design to be easy. You can pick characters or classic Disney. I picked classic Disney. I was very excited about this really nice looking Disney maps. After it tells you to put in your information so they can send you your maps. If you need them soon for you are going to leave for Disney World in a week or two, then you can print them out on your computer. After about two to three weeks, I got my Disney maps in the mail and they were beautiful. I was surprised on how large they were and made very nice. Here are a few pics of what came in the mail:

What it looks like when you are designing our maps online

These where my Disney maps that came in the mail. I made picked
class Disney so it's design fits. You get little circles in case you want
to add more attractions to your maps to visit next time you go.

This is a larger picture of the Magic Kingdom Map. The attractions I
want to make sure I see when I go to WDW are yellow circles. 

I am really glad that I made these Disney maps and even happier that I get them FREE! They
don't cost you anything and they are so beautiful to have. You can do these maps every six months, which means, you can't do a bunch at once. So, if you want another family member to make on for themselves, each person will have to make a map once ever six months unless they have their own account. 
This is also a great idea for children to do before they go down to WDW. They can check out the attractions and pick out the ones they would like to see when they go down. Plus its maps that they can keep as a keepsake after and remember what they enjoyed when they were young. 
I hope that everyone gets to get check out these great FREE Disney maps, all you have to do is going to and check it out!


  1. I have both types of these!! I have them hung up, don't want to take them along on a trip and wreck them!!

  2. Yay, I know, they are really nice. Thought about just keeping mine and then letting my stepson make one of his own:)


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