Sunday, October 2, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: DreamGirl and her Hawaiian shirt one dollar bill

SPOTLIGHT: DreamGirl and 
her Hawaiian shirt one dollar bill

"It is a tradition for my family to end our trips with one last stroll through the gift shops of the Disneyland Hotel.  At the cash register a Cast Member asked how our trip had been. We expressed that this trip had been one of the best and all of us were feeling sad to be leaving. With a smile, he asked my father if he had a $1 bill.  “I can turn it into a Hawaiian shirt." He said. We were intrigued, so Dad handed him the dollar. The Cast Member exchanged it for a crisp dollar, and we gathered around to watch.  While he twisted and folded the dollar he explained that he had taken origami lessons.  We watched in fascination as it took shape before our eyes.  Suddenly, there it was; a $1 Hawaiian shirt complete with a lei!"


"With a simple act this Cast Member brightened our day with an extra special memento from our wonderful time at Disneyland. We loved it so much that we framed it and placed where it could be enjoyed every day. "       
"He and the thousands of Cast Members are a big part of why visiting a Disney Park is so magical. Their level of service is outstanding. Thank you so much, Cast Members; you're the best!"

Thanks DreamGirl for sharing this wonderful Magical Moment with everyone!

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