Monday, January 30, 2012

The Joys of Downtown Disney

Inside Earl of Sandwich:)
So, last week, I had made a bucket list of things I wanted to do when I go "DISNEY", this made me start thinking of places I would like to visit when I go back to Walt Disney World next time. There is so much to do at WDW that you can't always do everything in one trip. Every time I travel to WDW, I try to do something different, or something I haven't done in a while.
So let just look at Downtown Disney Area. There is so much to do here that you could start in the morning and leave at night and still think of something to come back to do the next day. I love Disney Downtown Area. there are so many shops in each section, Downtown Disney Marketplace, Pleasure Island, and Downtown Disney West Side. When I go to Downtown Disney I get off at the bus stop in Marketplace. There is so many great Disney related shops such as The Art of Disney, Goofy's Candy Company, Disney's Days of Christmas, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutigue, Once Upon A Toy, World Of Disney and more! I always find myself shopping in all of these stores, now if you are staying on Disney Property, you can shop and send the packages back to your resort. You can do this as long as you are not leaving the next day, so this way, you can shop and not have to worry about bring bags with you as you enjoy the Downtown Area.
If you want some fun Entertainment in the Downtown Disney Area, then you and the whole family can enjoy
Characters of Flight
DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive theme park! I loved this park and it's all indoors. I first went to this park while I was working at WDW. My favorite ride inside was the roller coaster, for you get to design the coaster, and then get to ride what you designed. It was virtual reality at it's best! There are five floors, you start at the up and work your way down and it's a blast for everyone.
Now something else you might really enjoy is La Nouba, by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil! I loved watching this performance when I went back in 2003. I remember feeling like time by flew by for I was so memorized by the show the acrobats, athletes and performance artists put on! You will not be let down when you see this show, I hope to go there again next time I am at WDW.
Now, in Downtown Disney on the West Side, they put in an attraction back in 2010, called Characters In Flight! You get into a huge balloon and travel up 400ft into the air. You see 360 degrees of Disney Property. I loved seeing the resorts and parks for the Characters of Flight which I did back in April 2010, about a month after it opened. It was so worth going up and taking a look around!
Lots of Dining choices when you are at Downtown Disney. there are quick places to eat like Earl of Sandwich! This place is my favorite. The line might look long but it moves fast! The sandwich is amazing and we eat there every time we are down at WDW.
They have some fun places for families to enjoy a meal together like Rainforest Cafe and T-REX. Kids find the animated animals and dinosaurs fun!
Great place for adults is Wolfgang Puck Cafe, Portobello and Bongos Cuban Cafe.
There is also AMC Downtown Disney 24 to catch a movie at and House of Blues to enjoy some nighttime entertainment!
There is so much to do at Downtown Disney and Disney is always adding new shops, and attractions in this area. It's a places where you will want to visit when you are at WDW. I know when I head down, there are many places here that I need to check out again and new ones to enjoy!:)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Magical Moment: Feeling Completely Alone at Magic Kingdom

This magical moment is simple and sweet. It took place 3 days after my mother's birthday (discussed in an earlier Magical Moment). It was my 3 year anniversary with my husband. The weather was AWFUL. It was a rain like nothing I had ever experienced before in my life. I was said and pouting because I wanted our anniversary to be perfect. We even wore matching shirts!!
 We had a delightful dinner at Le Cellier in EPCOT, and then hopped the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom just in time for it to start to rain. It was like a stampede of people leaving the Magic Kingdom. We were walking down Main Street, hand in hand, when all of a sudden we realized... we were . Okay, maybe not completely alone, because there were photopass photographers and other cast members around but when I tell you there were no other guests on Main Street, I swear to you, I'm not exaggerating. It was intense. Especially when all of a sudden, just as quickly as the storm came, it stopped. And we were still practically alone.

We took photos in front of Cinderella's Castle without a single other person in the shot. We rode Space Mountain 3 times in a row with no wait. We road Big Thunder Mountain 4 times without even having to get off. We were completely alone while riding the Tea Cups. We did the Jungle Cruise twice without getting off... Now, don't get me wrong, there were other people on the rides, but we actually had the entire train to ourselves on Big Thunder Mountain all 4 times. The boat was ours alone for Jungle Cruise. I got to meet the princesses, without even a five minute wait! OH! We also rode It's A Small World twice without getting off and without having to share the an entire strip of boats. I even took a photo of the empty boats! It was as if we had rented out the Magic Kingdom.

We walked back over to Main Street and enjoyed Wishes, again, by ourselves. WISHES. ON MAIN STREET. BY OURSELVES.

Magical doesn't even begin to describe what an amazing night we had. I don't think we'd ever get to experience anything like that ever again if we went to Disney World every day for the rest of our lives. It was simply amazing. Our very own real life fairy tale.

(I am a Disney blogger ( and a travel agent specializing in Disney Destinations. Readers can find me on Facebook at and and twitter: @ladynwonderland)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Magical Moment: Perfect way to Celebrate My Mother's Life

I have had so many magical moments at Disney World that I could probably start writing today, and keep writing until the world ran out of ink. That's kind of the point of Disney World right, to create magical memories with friends and family?

There are two moments in my years of Disney travel that will forever stand out in my mind. It just so happens that both of them are from the same trip. This is "Part I"


It was March 25, 2011. My mother's birthday. March 25, 2011 was also about the date that would have marked the longest point of the life expectancy that my mother's stage 4 cancer diagnosis had given her several months before. A little ironic, don't you think? My husband, my father, my mother, and I headed down to Orlando for the week to celebrate. My mom was more comfortable in a wheel chair at this point, but she didn't let that stop her. The first thing we did when we got to Downtown Disney was run into a shop and grab a "Happy Birthday" button and a bunch of "I'm Celebrating" buttons. When I told the cast member who's birthday it was, and what exactly we were celebrating, she got all teary, and actually had to have someone else write on our buttons. That alone was a special moment. Dinner that night at Raglan Road, with Irish Step Dancers at our table, and food that tasted like heaven was great. But neither of those was a Magical Moment.

I had been telling my mom about  the Characters in Flight balloon ride for over a year, and we always talked about how crazy people must be to want to go so high up. Like my mother, I am terrified of heights so I was beyond surprised that she said enthusiastically said yes when I jokingly told her that was what we were doing for her birthday.  I felt like I was being challenged, or dared, and being my mother's daughter, I couldn't turn it down. I admired her strength and bravery then, and now I admire the insight, and thank her for the memory. To be 400 feet above my favorite place in the world, with my favorite people in the world, on the most gorgeous day I can remember... conquering a fear that later helped me conquer the fear of loss... was just the most amazing gift she could have given me.
It was the perfect way to celebrate my mother's life. Her 67th and last birthday. She passed away 3 months and 4 days later. This will always be one of my favorite and most cherished memories and I am pleased that Disney is involved in it. Magical doesn't begin to cover it.

(I am a Disney blogger ( and a travel agent specializing in Disney Destinations. Readers can find me on Facebook at and and twitter: @ladynwonderland)

Flashback Friday - Smiles and Big Surprises!

I love when it's flashback Friday, for I go back through my photos and find some photos that really bring back memories. This time when I went back through my photos, I laughed at a few and also felt some warm feelings with others. So I decided to pick to of my favorites back in 2009 when I went to Chef Mickey with my family.  We were seven in the group and it was a trip that my sister and her boyfriend came with us. I don't see my sister very much anymore and it was the last time we went on vacation together. This is the only picture we took together when we were at Disney together for most of the time she didn't go parks with us. I love this picture for it has us together. 
My sister, Minnie and me :)
I also found a funny picture in the album that makes me laugh every time. If you are going to be willing to pay a bill, you might want to know what it is before you say you are willing to pay a character breakfast meal ... just ask my dad.... who was willing to pay the bill and then almost fainted when he saw

I think this face explains it all.'s not cheap to eat a Disney Character Breakfast when the group is seven and you also get the picture package! Thanks dad for getting that bill!
Happy Friday everyone ... Have a Magical day!

Focused on the Magic

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Disney Blog Hop: Bucket List Edition

I thought this was a great idea when Babes in Disneyland decided to do a Bucket List Edition. There is so much one can do when going anyplace that has the "Disney" name in it, that many of us have very large Disney bucket lists. I have been able to do any of my favorite things when I worked for Disney World, but there is so much more that I want to do still. Here is my bucket list... 

10. Go back to Disneyland with my family
(I haven't gone since 1999 and I was a friend)
9. For one day to visit Castaway Cay on a Disney Cruise!
8. To eat breakfast at Cinderella's Castle
7. To stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge again...loved it!
6. To see Disney World at Christmas time, 
(I normally go during Spring/Summer time)
5.One day work at Magic Kingdom again
4.Go back down to WDW alone
3. Get to go to the spa at Disney World
2. Visit the water parks again with my stepson!
(he is going to love them!)
1. Renew our wedding vows at Walt Disney World :)

What is on your bucket list?

If you would like to see what other Disney blog sites have for their bucket list, go to  Have a Magical day:)

Where in the WDWORLD?

It's Thursday, which means it is time for Where in the WDWORLD? Can you guess where this is in Walt Disney World? Come on and take a guess!

Where is this on Disney World Property?
Answer will be posted in the comment section and 
on DisneyBlueFairy FB fan page tomorrow!
Happy Guessing!:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Wildlife

I was so excited when I read what the topic for Wordless Wednesday was this week "WILDLIFE". I just love all the wildlife at Walt Disney World and it's very hard to pick which pictures to show. When you stay on Disney property you will find wildlife all around you, from Animal Kingdom to your the resort you are staying at! I just feel in love with all the wonderful animals Disney has on property. I was also very happy when I heard that Walt Disney had a plan when he bought so much land. He wanted to make sure some of the land he bought was never going to be touched, and he set it aside of the wildlife in Florida. He loved wildlife too. :)
Here are a few of my pictures of the wildlife at Walt Disney World.

 My stepson was just so excited about this Komodo Dragon,
who you can find at Animal Kingdom. 

Meet "Pain-in-the-butt"! He is one of the MANY birds that live in Florida.
If you have ice cream, he will not leave your side, 
just ask my husband! hehe

Focused on the Magic

Monday, January 23, 2012

Want to be part of the Character Magic...Well Do you?

Today I am over at the WDWdads where I written a great article about my adventure trying out to be a face character at Walt Disney World. Not sure what a face character is at Disney, then this is a great article for you to enjoy and learn a little about the behind scene magic at the most amazing place on earth! 

Have a Magical Day!

PS. While you are at WDWdads..check out some of the other wonderful articles that have been written. I love being apart of this great group!. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Magical Moment: An Anniversary to Remember

Magical Moment:  An Anniversary to Remember
by DisneyDiary (Steve)

My wife and I honeymooned at Walt Disney World close to 20 years now. 
Although we were on a budget, it was a magical honeymoon we won't forget. 

But our most magical moment was celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary at 
Disney World in March 2011.

This time we were able to bend the budget a bit for dinner and wine pairings at the fabulous 
Victoria & Albert's. The wine pairings will be important later. 

Usually we only pack t-shirts and shorts for Disney World, but this time we got all dolled up -- me in my cement colored suit and my still young bride in an ankle length red dress and four-inch gold sling-back heels.

The V&A experience is everything it's cracked up to be: a wonderful meal served in a lush, intimate setting with warm, personal service and phenomenal food. The restaurant is an oasis of calm in this crazy, crowded World. Truly this is the quietest room for miles around. 

We were especially charmed by the service. The pair of cast members who served us were a married couple -- perfect for a setting that sees so many anniversary celebrations. And especially perfect for us because my wife and wife and I worked side-by-side in journalism for many years. 

And here's where the night got really magical. Remember those wine pairings.

We made the mistake of driving to the Grand Floridian rather than taking a cab from our resort. We were not anticipating the wine. So, to give ourselves some time to let our meal digest, shall we say, we did the only responsible thing: we hopped the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom. 

Mind you, most of the time going into the Magic Kingdom the most anyone does is check out your t-shirt. This time was different. This time everyone stared.

As we walked down Main Street, posing for every Photo Pass photographer we saw, people turned to watch -- no doubt wondering, "Who are they?" People in the know recognized the long-stem red rose my wife was carrying and knew we had been to Victoria & Albert's. Others heard us tell the photographers it was our anniversary and wished us a happy day. 

We weren't quite brave enough to stay for the fireworks -- my wife was afraid she and her 4-inch heels would be trampled by the post fireworks stampede -- so we caught them from the boat dock.

All those Photo Pass pictures? Well had taken the Wild Africa Trek tour earlier in the week -- another anniversary bending of the budget -- we got every last one of them on a CD.

So, if you had an amazing Magical Moment at Disney, or your child/children had a Great character
experience, or something wonderful happened at Disney with your WHOLE family and you would 
love to share this Magical Moment with others...Now you can:)
...and tell my wonderful readers about your magical moment at Disney!
Can be a few paragraphs, can share a photo of two of the moment.
And every Saturday and Sunday, I'll SPOTLIGHT Magical Moments on my DisneyBlueFairy Blog:)
Hope everyone has a Magical Day!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Magical Moment: Hanging with Nemo and having some giggles!!

 Magical Moment
by Michelle L. Owens

            It is probably a cliché for a Disney fanatic like me to say this, but I experience a new “Magical Moment” every time I am at a Disney park.  Whether it is meeting an especially cool Cast Member or getting chosen to dance with penguins down Main Street in a parade or having yet another perfect meal at my favorite restaurant or laughing way too much when a character interacts with my husband or…well, you get the idea!  I could list dozens of wonderful memories from Walt Disney World, but one that really stands out happened during my mom’s first trip there in November 2004.
            My husband and I had visited WDW twice before, but on this particular trip, my mom finally got to visit for the first time.  We were all pretty excited to do everything, but my mom and I particularly enjoyed getting our pictures taken with characters.  While in Epcot, we spent a lot of time in The Living Seas and, before moving on to even more adventures, we wanted to take one last picture with the Nemo character that was near the entrance to the pavilion.  While we had both noticed the Nemo “roll” into the area, apparently my mom had not seen the coral reef “character” accompany him, so I think she thought Nemo was just near a giant background prop of some sort.  So, we both posed with Nemo and, just as my husband was snapping our picture, the coral reef reached over and tickled her on top of the head!  As evidenced in the picture, she was very, very startled!  My husband started to bust up laughing and, since I was on the other side of Nemo and had no idea what had happened, I did not start laughing until I saw the picture on the camera.  My mom laughed, too, but not before taking a moment or two to catch her breath and look over at the “thing” that had made her jump!  In fact, I swear I heard some giggling from inside that coral reef, but I might have been imagining it!

            So not all “Magical Moments” are planned or even sought out…some just happen naturally when a little bit of sea life tickles your mom on the head during her first WDW adventure! 

So, if you had an amazing Magical Moment at Disney, or your child/children had a Great character
experience, or something wonderful happened at Disney with your WHOLE family and you would 
love to share this Magical Moment with others...Now you can:)
...and tell my wonderful readers about your magical moment at Disney!
Can be a few paragraphs, can share a photo of two of the moment.
And every Saturday and Sunday, I'll SPOTLIGHT Magical Moments on my DisneyBlueFairy Blog:)
Hope everyone has a Magical Day!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disney Blog Hop: Special Smiles with the Characters

One of my favorite time about visiting WDW is when my stepson got to see his favorite characters. We looked at the meet and greets and then tried to catch the characters we knew we didn't want to miss out on. He had to see the Power Rangers when we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was something he couldn't miss out on and I wanted him to have his magical moment. The car with the Power Rangers came out and he is in HEAVEN! BIG SMILES! He had already met some characters and was shy, but not this time. He talked to them and had fun taking the pics with all of them that day.

Now, he is a HUGE fan of the red ranger and was saving him for last when they had to all get back in the car and leave. The characters only stay out for about a half hour, for the need to rest for the hot Florida sun. He was a little sad, but we found out that they were going to come back out in an hour so we went on a ride and got back in time for him to get a picture and autograph. It was great to see him so happy and interactive with them. 
After meeting them, he started to open up and have more fun with the characters. I also love meeting Mulan and showed her the moves he learned from the power rangers. It was fun to see him being open and having a blast. I love when he smiles. Can't wait for when we all go down again together in 2013!

Thanks Babes in Disneyland for hosting the Disney Blog Hop! 
Go to her page to check out more Posts on "Special Smiles with the Characters"
from Disney Blog Hop!

Where in the WDWORLD? Thursday

I have decided to have a little fun every Thursday...
So... Where in the WDWOLRD?
Can you guess where in the WDWOLRD this was taken?
Love to hear everyone's guess!
Let you know the answer tomorrow on 
DisneyBlueFairy Shares Fan Page on Facebook and on this post!:)
Happy Guessing!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Lakes and Fountains

Deb from Focused on the Magic is hosting Almost Wordless Wednesday, and one thing we can use is
  • A picture of pools, fountains, lakes in and around the parks.

I found some wonderful pictures I would love to share of the calm waters around WDW
My Stepson took this pic of the beach near Magic Kingdom

I love the fountains at Epcot

I just love this photo that my husband took at Epcot

Have a Magical Day!:)

Focused on the Magic

Disney Transportation Bus at and dislike

Taken by my wonderful Stepson:)
Well, most areas throughout Walt Disney World Resort, including Disney Theme Parks, Disney Water Parks, Resort hotels and the Downtown Disney Area, are accessible by bus so you don't have to use your own car! This sounds great, right? Well, it can be a wonderful thing and it can be a pain. I have always used the bus system to get around Walt Disney World. I find it better then using my own gas, plus I have already paid for tickets, resort and plane which adds up the $$$! I want to make sure I have cash fro those awesome Disney items I want to take home with me. 

  • I like the bus system because their is normally one every few minutes that picks you up at the stop you are at and takes you to your new destination in WDW. I think I can only remember a few times when I had to wait more then 20 minutes and that was because we were headed to a place on Disney property that many guests were not so they only had two bus running that way. It took them 30 minutes to get to the place and then 30 minutes back. Most of the time, buses are right behind the other, like in the morning when everyone at the resort are out heading to a park for fun. There will be a bus at that stop every few minutes. The lines will be long getting on the bus, but normally you won't wait to long for the line moves fast. 
  • The dislike of the bus is how PACK it can get! Guest will have to stand when the seats get full. 50% of the bus are sitting while 50% are standing. I mean, I have almost had other guests sitting on top of me because it was so packed. I also feel bad when family with small kids get on and they stand up. I always give up my seat for I don't want little kids standing. Once I was way in the back, this man got on the bus with a little child sleeping on his shoulders and he had to use one arm to hold the "nugget" and one to hold the bar. No one got up and let him sit. The ride was 20 minutes and I just felt so bad. I would have given up mine, but he was way up front and it was loud, no one could hear me over the crowded bus. I wish they had a different system with those buses. It could be dangerous standing with a small one going through Disney property, not everyone is a safe driver on the roads like the cast members driving the bus. 
What are some other "likes" and "dislikes" that others have about the buses at WDW?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Why this is a great time to go to Disney...

  1. If you aren't a crowd person then this is the time to go to Walt Disney World. I have relative that head to WDW during this time of year for the crowds are very small. This way you won't be standing in line to your favorite attractions as long. I have gone to Disney World myself during the off season and enjoyed going onto Splash Mountain and only having to wait 30 minutes. When you go during the mid to high you can be waiting up to two hours or longer to get on that attraction. Plus going during this time means you don't have to rush to get good seats at the shows, you can arrive within 20 minutes and still get a good seat. I love this time of year and like that I don't have to wait for my favorite attractions. Once friends of mine and I got to ride Tower of Terror five times in a row without having to wait more then 10 minutes!! So, if you enjoy small crowds then this is the time to head to WDW.
  2. If you don't like 90 degree weather, where when you walk outside your resort room and can feel the sweat already rolling down your back, then this is a great time to go. The nights are normally 35 to 40 degrees and the daytime is 50 to 65 degrees. I come from up north so this weather is my favorite, since it's about -10 degrees here at night and gets to 15 degrees during the day. I love being comfortable walking around the parks and not dying of thirty or always hunting for shade. 
  3. Can get into the places you want without much fuss. Since not many are visiting Disney during this time, it's more likely that you will get into a restaurant you want with even making a last minute reservation. If there are some wonderful restaurants that you have always wanted to eat at and couldn't get into, then try going during this time of year and you might be surprised at where you get into:)
Starting in January to mid February is when Disney is pretty quite. You will enjoy Disney and finding that you are much more relaxed and maybe even slowing you pace as you walk through the parks.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback Friday Hop

Once again Deb at Focused on the Magic is having a Flashback Friday Hop ... so I started to look through some of my old photo's and came across this one! 

I wish you could see him better, I am standing in the way. My mom took the picture, so she was focused on me more then the character at the time. I was twelve. I loved watching Robin Hood (1973) growing up..I think I watched it so much that I knew the songs! And the autograph I am getting is Prince John. I loved him and the snake, Sir Hiss! I remember he gave me and hug after and I went back to see my parents, a very happy 12 year old! This trip was 1993!:) The only trip I took to WDW in the 90's.

Focused on the Magic

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where in the WDWORLD? Thursday

I have decided to have a little fun every Thursday...
So... Where in the WDWOLRD?

Can you guess where in the WDWOLRD this was taken?
Love to hear everyone's guess!
Let you know the answer tomorrow on 
DisneyBlueFairy Shares Fan Page on Facebook:)
Happy Guessing!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ImageWorks! in Epcot

I love Journey Into Imagination With Figment! But what I have always enjoyed most is getting to use my own imagination in ImageWorks! This is a great place to take your picture and send it to others over the web. The best part is that you get to play around with your picture and add fun things before sending it! 
 First you have to click to get the camera ready!
 Everyone say "CHEESE!"
 Then you can add fun items, and send the picture to family and friends back home
Kids love playing with the items!
My stepson loved sending his pics to grandma!

So don't forget to stop by ImageWorks! You will love the experience!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Disney Almost Wordless Wednesday

 Debs Dis @ Focused on the Magic  said for us to put our imagination ear hats on and that this weeks theme is characters Great and Small! So, I put my thinking ears on and found these wonderful pics to share!

I might be small to my sister but I can fill big shoes! and can fight better then any I am playing Captain Jack Sparrow at Storyland in 2007, in Let's Pretend Gift Shop. O, the wonderful memories in that place...what fun I had:)

LOOK at the three to your left!
Yep, we are a bunch a nutty great characters!
This is what happens to your face when you hang out at Magic Kingdom all day!
It seems though my parents were not affected

Focused on the Magic

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Aid and Baby Center's at Disney World

When most people travel to parks, they never really think about First Aid. You never know when you are going to get hurt or sick. I know that when I travel, I don't ever think that me, or anyone in my party will need to go to first aid, but it can happen.
My father had to go to First Aid once on our trip to Walt Disney World. First we couldn't find the First Aid and had to ask around until we came around to it. He and my mom went to First Aid and we meet them there after. My father said he had a great experience. They lady who helped him was very friendly, talked with him after and he was great. He had to sign a form for what they gave him, but that was about it. It's always good to know where the First Aid is when you travel to Disney World. I have gone on the Disney Site and found the locations in every park.
There is also a Baby Center at each park. This is a great place for mothers and babies to relax and be together. This is also a place where if a child is lost that they get taken to as well. I had a girl who was lost with me for awhile and I brought her to the Baby Center where she was reunited with her parents. If you are traveling a little one then you should know where each one is located in the parks. It's good for you to have a plan with your child, so if they get lost from you, they as well know where to go and who to talk with. I had the chat with my stepson when he was seven, that if you got lost from us to find an adult with a name tag, cast member and also showed him where the Baby Center/ Lost Children was in the park and ways to get to it. He carried a map with him. It made him feel better to have a plan, so he doesn't get so nerves, he knows what to do.

It's always good to know where both of these are located just in case you need them in a hurry! hope this helps anyone who is heading to Disney World soon!:)

Friday, January 6, 2012

FlashBack Friday

I was looking through some of my photos back when
I went to Disney World with my family in Feb 1993. 
I was 12 years old and during that time, enjoyed 
watching Disney Afternoon cartoons on TV.
When we talked through Epcot, I noticed this walk around
of the Rescue Rangers which was one of my favorite shows!!
LOVE Chip and Dale:)
I have to say that this picture really brings back memories:)

WHAT! you never heard of this show? well, then here is a clip from UTube:
This is episode 62,  22minutes,
and seeing this will show you why I loved the show as a kid:)

Thanks Deb from Focused on the Magic for hosting!

Focused on the Magic

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bring back spooky memories...working at MK, Haunted Mansion

I loved my job working at Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. I also liked that I got to work the Haunted Mansion cart. I got to see the faces of guests as they exited the mansion. Most faces where fine, some were happy, some were crying, others looked scared when they came over to the cart. Everyone loved looking at the Haunted Mansion Merchandise that was being sold. The favorite was an invisible dog! Yes, we had a leash to NOTHING, and called it a dog! It sold for around $5.00. And most days I had to restock the cart a couple of times on that item. Though I did enjoy playing with them and making the invisible dogs chase guest around.
One day my coordinator saw me playing with the leash, chasing guest and she gave me an award for doing such a good job with being interactive with the guests.
On HOT days we sold spray bottles for like $20.00, filled with water and guests bought them out! One time I wanted to cool down a few guests so I sprayed up in the air and it fell on them as they left the Mansion area. One lady turned and started yelling at her hubby for she thought he was the one spraying her. I stopped, and tried not to laugh. It was so HOT out, I couldn't see why she was so upset with a few sprays. Everyone else was enjoying it! I sometimes found it fun to spray my lizard friends, they always seemed to enjoy some water on hot days as well.
My favorite shift though was morning, got there at 7am, stocked cart and then worked until 3:30pm. I loved getting out and then just walking around MK after. If it was a slow day I would go on a few rides and talk with guests. YES, even out of work, I enjoyed talking with guests and seeing how their day was going even when I wasn't working!! The reason I loved the job was that I enjoyed helping others, wanting them to have a fun filled day, even when I wasn't on the clock.
Anyways, looking through some pictures when I was working at Magic Kingdom and I found these. There are not many pictures of me working the cart or even working at all, for I didn't have a camera. these were given to me after by others I had worked with.
 Working at the Haunted Mansion cart in 2003
Someone sneaking up on me...
maybe it was the 1000th ghost? LOL

If you went to Disney World around Jan through May of 2003, and got
something from the cart, you might have bought that item from me:) hehe
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