Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rumor Mill....Muppets Meet and Greet again?

 I remember when I went to Disney World back in the 90's as a kid. We got out of the Muppet Vision 3D theater in Disney's Hollywood Studios and came to a stage setup, we were greeted by the Muppets! I have looked back into my WDW autograph book and found The Great Gonzo, Kermit and Miss Piggy had stamped my book. I would say that back in the day, I was so excited about seeing The Great Gonzo. He was my favorite and still is to this day.
My stamped autograph back on 1993
The Rumor is that the Meet and Greet could be coming back. The Muppets being human size again like they were back in the 90's. I thought this was great...and getting the Muppets back is be fine with me. I loved coming out of the show and seeing them all together. I was so excited as a child when they were all together on stage singing and watching Animal play the drums. That was my favorite part as a kid, he was so awesome playing those drums. I would really love to see them back there again, doing what they do best and then getting their autographs. When I would visit the site now, it seems so dead and sad looking, that they need to bring them back again!

Then I heard a Rumor that a Meet and Greet with Kermit as a puppet might be happening! That he will interact with guest and talk with them. That would be so cool and the kids would love this with their favorite frog. But if they do this with him, will they add a few of the other favorites in there as well. I am sure many of us would love to have a conversation with Miss Piggy! I know I would love to chat with Gonzo and ask him a few question. I am just hoping that this will be added in the near future since the movie seems to be doing so well at the theaters!

What ever happens, I would love to see a Meet and Greet back with the Muppets and since they are a huge hit again right now, this would be a great time for Disney to bring them back to DHS!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Special Find....

Went on Facebook a few days ago and
found that Hallmark had
Facebook Coupons!
For liking their page, you can
get two: Save $5.00 on any purchase
of $10.00 of more.

I was excited for I enjoy going to Hallmark to
pick up my Disney ornaments for the Christmas Season.

Just picked this new 2011 Rapunzel
Disney Hallmark ornament with my
coupon this week and saved $5.00!

Plus the Hallmark in my area has a section
of Disney Mickey and Minnie dolls, statues, books and wall art
with wonderful saying on them.

Just picked up this Disney Book at Hallmark
Wit and Wisdom of Disney
Price $9.95 also added in a Disney Sticker set for $2.00
Price together $11.95
then used the coupon at the register and it came to $6.95!
I love this book, such cute quotes from Disney movies and Walt Disney.

So, get your coupons and head over to your Hallmark today
for your Disney treasures!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - MK Photo Spot

I love this Photo Spot 
Noticed that  Debs Dis @ Focused on the Magic  
had used it for the Blog Hop this week.
Everytime I go, 
I enjoy taking a picture at this spot,
with Roy O. Disney and Minnie Mouse,
plus you have Main Street USA 
and the Cinderella's castle in the back!

This last photo is of me, my dad, and stepson
with Main Street and castle in back:)

Focused on the Magic

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A mom enjoying Magic Kingdom and Wishes with her family

Being with Family at Walt Disney World and 
enjoying seeing Wishes together!

The Happy Osgood Family

   The Magical Moment that I loved most is the fireworks at Walt Disney World over the castle with my family. Wishes is most beautiful thing I have ever watched and watching the fireworks with my two grown up boys Jason and Cory and my husband Dave was wonderful.We had taken them down when they were young and things always went wrong, getting sick mostly. But we had a great time being together when they got older.
   Also coming around a corner and meeting up with Mickey Mouse and my youngest Cory being able to get a great picture with him was a great Magical Moment of mine. I enjoyed being with my boys at the parks when they were older as much as when they were young.

Wishes at Magic Kingdom
given by the Osgood Family 

This Magical Moment was given by
a wonderful mom from New England:)


...and tell my wonderful readers about your magical moment at Disney.

Can be a few paragraphs, can share a photo of two of the moment.

And every Saturday and Sunday, 
I'll SPOTLIGHT Magical Moments on my DisneyBlueFairy Blog:)
So, send your Magical Moment my way!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Fun Walt Disney World Tour at Magic Kingdom

Disney's Keys to the Kingdom Tour

   I really wanted to take my husband on this tour for our Honeymoon. Since I had once worked at Magic Kingdom, I thought it would be so much fun to show him some of the behind the scenes at Magic Kingdom. 
This tour is for 16 and older, for the don't want to hurt the magic for the younger ones. If you use a Disney Chase card you get 20% off this fun tour. When I called up, I set us for the 10:00 o' clock morning tour. We were both excited.
   When we arrived that morning, we were greeted with a smile. They gave us a few morning snacks, coffee and bottled water. We also got a cool name tag which were ours to keep. They like for you to arrive about a half hour before the tour starts to get all that you need and to head sets. They want to make sure you can hear the tour at all times. Our tour guide was amazing. She was so friendly. She told us that she had always wanted to work at Walt Disney World, so her husband and her relocated to Orlando so she could out live her dream. She really enjoyed being a tour guide and was amazing at her job. We were so interested in everything she had to say about the Magic Kingdom and Walt.
Keys to the Kingdom
   The tour starts out on Main Street USA, then heads over to Adventureland. There we got to skip the lines to Jungle Cruise and got a special tour. We learned about the ride and other attractions. Then she brought us to Columbia Harbour House where we ate in the VIP section. Believe it or not, Prince Harry from England was there with some family members. We enjoyed our meal and got a cool Pin that was shaped as a Key. It said Key to the Kingdom. Loved it. 
   After Lunch we headed over to the Haunted Mansion where we were lead into the ride by a side entrance. I remember this way when I was getting my tour as an College Program intern for Magic Kingdom. What I really enjoyed most though was when we were taken back to see where they hold the parades. We got to look inside a float. My husband found the Utilidors to be fun, but I have worked at Magic Kingdom, so it brought back many memories for me. I had once got a little confused down there in those halls. 
   Overall the Tour was great and the rest of the day we enjoyed the park. Went on a few more rides and watched the fireworks. If you want to see the behind the scenes at Disney, this is a great tour to go on. The tour guides are great and you will love everything you see!
Call (407) WDW-TOUR or (407) 939-8687 to make your reservations:)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Magical Moment : A whole week of magical moments at WDW for a family:)

 Trying to pick one Magical Moment from all of my trips to Walt Disney World is no easy task! There are tons of amazing memories that stick out in my mind. Like the time my oldest son Jake was pulled up on stage by Captain Jack right after he had been transformed into “Charles Shorepaddler” at the Pirates League. The time I surprised the boys by taking them on the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise, and didn’t tell them until moments before it was about to happen. The time I had “Mickey’s Grand Welcome” waiting for the boys in our hotel room the first night of our stay at the Wilderness Lodge. Not to mention the first time each of the boys met Mickey himself!

When Ariel asked me to share a Magical Moment with you, I thought of all these times, and I realized that anyone who reads my work probably feels like they are best friends with my boys by now, I have written about them so much! So I decided to share with you, what wasn’t just one Magical Moment in particular, but a whole week full of Magical Moments, on our last trip to Walt Disney World, which was my little princess Maggie’s first trip.

Any hard core Disney fan that has children knows that each of their children’s first trip to The World is a huge milestone, and promises memories that will last a lifetime. I have had endless amounts of fun with my two boys in Walt Disney World, but when I found out that I was expecting a little girl back in May of 2010, one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind was how I was going to be able to experience Disney through the eyes of a little girl. Finally I would be able to relive the days of Fairies and Princesses from my childhood, and not have to focus so much on Pirates for once!

Now Maggie was only 6 months old when I took her on her first WDW adventure back in August. The vacation was still focused on the boys, since Maggie obviously wasn’t old enough to be excited about Minnie Mouse or the Princesses yet, but I found myself thinking more and more about trips in years to come, bringing Maggie to meet whoever her favorite Princess turns out to be, and dining in Cinderella’s castle. Some may say that it is silly to bring a baby that is only half a year old to Disney World, but I will be the first one to say that it is worth it. Maggie’s eyes lit up when she gazed upon Minnie’s big smile, and even though she got carried around in a Baby Bjorn most of the time, I just know that she enjoyed it. I could even swear the she got the Post Disney Blues when she got home just like the rest of us.

It was Magical Moment in itself to bring my little girl to Walt Disney World for the first time, and I can’t wait until a couple years down the road, when she is old enough to tell us her own favorite Magical Moment!

Molly is Wonderful. A mom to two pirates and one little princess. LOVES DISNEY! She is the Kids writer for Disney Driven Life. She is also the resident MOM for the ask her a question and she will answer it for you on their site! Her own blog is Can also catch her on twitter @realdisneymom

If you have a Magical Moment you would like to share for other Disney fans to enjoy, please send them to:
...and you could see your Disney Magical Moment up here in the next few weekends to come:)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Magical Moment : Finally meeting The Little Mermaid

A Magical Moment to last a Lifetime,
All I have ever wanted since 9 was to meet Ariel...
She was the one princess that I wanted to be like,
She could sing, a dreamer, always happy,
when she wanted something she went for it,
and had super cool friends. 
Let me tell you my Magical Moment with this princess:)

I remember when my parents bought me the The Little Mermaid movie, I watched it every day! I knew all the lines and lyrics to the songs. I was so excited to find out that my parents were planning to take us to Disney. It took about three years to save up for this trip. I was 12 when we took the trip. Sadly when we got Disney World I was sick, ear infection and also strep throat. LUCKY ME! I missed out on many rides that week and never got my chance to see Ariel or even the show. 
Honestly, the only time I had my chance to meet her was when I was 22 years old. I was going to be leaving my internship at Disney World, so I made it my mission to find time to get my picture with The Little Mermaid. The day I went to see her the line was long, about 50 minutes and the temp was about 95 degrees. I was so hot and sweating. I had thought about getting out of line, but I stayed for I just had to see her once. 
When I got to the front of the line, I smiled big! She was on the rock and called me over. I felt like I was 9 years old again.  She tried to talk with me, but it was like meeting a celebrity, I didn't know what to say. I had been waiting since I was 9 for this moment and here I was sitting next to her, getting a picture. 
After meeting Ariel, I ran to the Emporium on Main Street USA, got a wonderful Little Mermaid frame. To this day the frame with picture sits on the night stand. I will never forget that wonderful magical Disney day when my dream of meeting Ariel came true!
One Magical Moment:
Ariel sitting next to Ariel 
If you have a Magical Moment you would like to share for other Disney fans to enjoy, please send them to:
...and you could see your Disney Magical Moment up here in the next few weekends to come:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting into a Disney Parade

So, everyday when I go on to check my posts, I notice that someone is looking at my post "How I got into a Disney Parade" . It's a post I did on my experience on how I got into the Animal Kingdom Parade. When I check to see what people wrote to get to my posting, I see...
"how to get into a disney parade"
"how one can get into a disney parade"
"a disney parade and getting into one"

This is how I did it...

I got into a Disney Parade back in 2004  by pure "LUCK". My two friends and I arrived to Animal Kingdom during mid-day. The Bridge that takes guests from Oasis to The Tree of Life is where I got this LUCKY chance to be in Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade. It was around noon when we arrived, a cast member approached us on the Bridge. I thought she wanted to take our picture, she then asked, "How would you like to be in a parade?" We HAPPEN to be the PERFECT number for the front float. They were looking for three guests traveling together. Some floats needed a Party of Four, but ours needed a Party of Three.
  • If you are traveling down to Disney in a very large party, chances are cast members are not going to ask you because your party is to large. If you happen to go in a smaller group, then your chances are higher.
  • If it's Animal Kingdom, go by the bridge during mid-day, they were looking for guests a few hours before the parade starts.
  • They ask you to show up at a certain Spot at a certain need to then make sure you do show up there. There will also be other guest there as well that are going on other floats. So, you want to be there on TIME. The cast members had vents and hats for us to wear and will talk to you about the parade.
So, you chances in getting into a Disney Parade is "small" but you can increase your chance by being in a smaller group, show up to the front of AK or the other parks during mid-day. This is when cast members are more likely to be looking for guests, a few hours before the parade. Then show up on time to get you spot on the float. And this could be you...

If anyone has ever made it into a Disney Parade I would love to know
how it happened for you.
Hope to all those that want to get into a Disney parade, that this helps a little
and that one day "your dream comes true"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday - One Child's Dream

 One Child's Dream
all possible...Thanks to Walt Disney!

 His first kiss from a lady

Sit at the steering wheel of a nice car 
(most Grownups Dream too!)

 Be anything he wants to be...AlienCatMonkey

 Learn some cool, new moves

 Ride and touch Dinosaurs

 Get a Whole, new, fun look:)

Hang out with some characters!

This One Child's Dream came true...
Thanks to one imaginative guy!

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible, " Walt Disney

Focused on the Magic

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rumor: Fastpasses are changing?

So, I have been hearing on different sites and talked with other Disney fans about this rumor going around that Disney will be changing their Fastpass system. I am sure many of you wonderful Disney readers have been hearing about these changes. Here is what I have been hearing and see if it matches what you have heard...
  1. I have heard that Fastpasses will no longer be taken after its grace period on the pass. Instead the guest will get a new pass to come back at a later time during the day. 
  I am wondering what guests are going to say about this, for now, even though Fastpasses have always had an expiration date, it was always good to the end of the day. Now, if you are not within a grace period of that hour, you will be given a new card to come back another time. May guests I have talked with, are not happy about this idea. Most guest always use their Fastpass at a later time during the day, when they get the chance to come back. I have always been a person to be at the attraction the moment the card lets me get in line! So, I am not to upset about this change, but I think of those who have young kids. It must be hard to get everyone moving around the park and to be back at an attraction at a certain time, could be a problem. 
   2.  I have heard that the system might be letting more Fastpasses out at the beginning of the day, because they will need be giving out (new passes to those that missed their time) so you will have to get Fastpasses soon as you get to the parks. 

What I am thinking is...has there every been a problem with Fastpasses? "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" comes to mind. I think this new system will cause more problem then anything else. I would not want to be the person who has to collect Fastpasses. That will be a very tough job telling guest that they will have to wait longer, and hand them a new ticket. 
Though this will help some guest manage their time better, though make other guest rush and miss half the fun of enjoying the parks. I just don't know. I think that the system they have now is fine, its been going on for ten years and I never had a problem with it. 

  3. Now, the latest thing I have heard is that there will be something special for those who stay on Disney Property.  FP will be giving out to those who stay there. If they want to go to MK, they will get four Fastpasses in advance. But in a way so they tour the Park in one direction. So this way there is no criss crossing through the parks. Morning pass, lunch, evening, and end of day. 

Not sure how I like that idea. Though I do enjoy going around the parks in a way that makes it easy to get to the next Fastpass attraction. I also enjoy letting my family pick each a ride to go to during the day. We normally each pick an attraction to see and then later pick new ones. One which we get a Fastpass for, then do it again, right before we go on the next ride. I do think this idea Disney has would make some guest happy, but not everyone. Maybe it could be an offer for those that want to take it.
Maybe Disney could just give guests who stay at the resorts, four of their top picks for the each park and those can be what they get as Fastpasses. Can be delivered to their rooms each morning before they head to the parks. But not so that they have to walk the park one way, but that they can get to their favorite ride faster without having to wait to get a Fastpass when they get to the park. 

I don't know. These are just rumors and my ideas...what do others think?

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Fun at Rafiki's Planet Watch Area

I have always enjoyed traveling over to Rafiki's Planet Watch Area in Animal Kingdom. I have had some people say that when they went to Animal Kingdom, they never saw it. Well, there is one way to get to Rafiki's Planet Watch Area and that is by train. The Wildlife Express Train leaves every 7 minutes at Harambe Africa and where does it take you? To Rafiki's Planet Watch Area! This is a one way train, so once you get to RPWA, you have to get off and adventure down the path. I remember last time, I loved seeing the monkeys in the trees along the path down to the Conservation Station and Affection Section. Here is a picture of the inside of the Conservation Station.
   This Conservation Station is where you can meet some of the animal handlers. When I was visiting one time, I got to meet someone who worked with snakes. He had one with him and I got to touch it. I enjoyed talking with him and learning about how the animals are cared for at Animal Kingdom. They also have some live creatures in cages and tanks behind the glass to look at. I loved seeing also the fossils and where they do xrays on the animals. After you explore this wonderful Conservation Station, there is a petting place outside called Affection Section. There are some wonderful animals to see and pet. Here is a picture of my sister making a new friend.
There are many different types of animals at this Affection Section and MOST are friendly. Some of them are nervous around guests, but then again, it must be hard to get alone time once in a while, in your job was to be petted all day long. Here was a very friendly fellow.
He was enjoying all the petting and making new friends. So, when you go to this Affection Section, go knowing that you will be making friends with some wonderful furry creatures! Also at Rafiki's Planet Watch Area are Meet and Greets. I have meet Pocahontas, Rafiki and Jiminy Cricket when visiting over at RPWA. When you are ready to head out, you travel up the path, back to where you came to RPWA and catch the train back to Harambe Africa. I have read that the train ride itself is about 1.5 miles round trip, so going on one way is not very long. So, if you are heading to WDW or if you missed Rafiki's Planet Watch Area last time, be sure to check it out! It's wonderful :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Amazing Disney Interview with a Ten Year Old Boy

One Amazing Disney Interview
With a wonderful Ten Year Old Boy...My Stepson

I thought it would be fun to interview my stepson on his experience at Disney World back in 2009. We are planning a trip to Disney in 2013, but wanted to see what sticks out in his mind when it came to his favorite attractions and shows. What he would like to see next time we go to WDW. He is now ten but he was seven when we took him to Disney.
I was very impressed on what he remembered! It was hard to hold his attention during the interview and so this is what I got before I let him go play Wii! :)

-What are your top favorite show and attractions at Walt Disney World and Why?
"OOoo, the tree with the bugs in it."
-Do you mean Bugs Life, It's Tough to be a Bug?
"YES! Yes and I like the graphics and stuff. How the bugs pop out at you and how at the end you can feel the bugs under your seat."
-Cool! Great Pick! What did you enjoy next?
"The Tower of Terror because of the Blue People who come and then disappears. And that you go up and down...even though I didn't like it to much."
-So you somewhat liked the Up and Down part of Tower of Terror?
"I kind of wish it went up and down once."
-They used to have the elevator go up and down once. What next?
"The Stitch Ride!"
-The Stitch's Great Escape..I remember you liking that attraction.
"I like the robot at the beginning. And I like when Stitch burps and it smells funny and bad." 
-That was silly.
"I also liked Test Track. I like how we were the dummies! (I am laughing) ...and I like how we didn't crash into the wall." 
-You're to funny! What next?
"Ooo, Mount Everest! You can look up and see a giant Yeti! I like how the coaster is outside of the mountain too and how fast it went."
-That was a lot of fun! I love that attraction also! 
-This attraction I knew would be on your list! You loved that ride!
" I loved the beginning, going through the portal/ time machine. I like seeing ALL the dinosaurs and loved the car we rode in."     
-That car was cool. 
"The car show was awesome."
-I know what you mean, Lights, Motors, Action! 
"YES! I loved the stunts. I liked how they pulled them off. I liked all the action. My favorite part was Herbie and he drove away, we heard a bang and he came out split in two! That was funny!"
-Yes, that was pretty funny. Anything you would like to say about Walt Disney World?
" I loved seeing the rides and stuff. The characters were really good and I liked the place we stayed at. The pool was great. It was a bowling pin. Very amazing."
-Yes, we did enjoy our stay at POP Century. Thanks for the interview and now you can go play. 

Hope you all enjoyed this wonderful interview:)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Yummy Treats

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I just love Disney Treats, and when I go to Walt Disney World, there
are many yummy treats that I look forward to having...but there
is ONE that stands out in my mind the most!
I always have to have it when I go to WDW.

MY favorite TREAT is...
The best part about these Oreo cookies
is that you can made what ever you want on them,
white/milk/dark chocolate, rainbow/chocolate sprinkles,
nuts, caramel, fudge and so on!

This YUMMY cookie can be found at
Goofy's Candy Company
at Downtown Disney:)

Hosted By
   Thanks for hosting:)

Focused on the Magic
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