Friday, October 14, 2011

Disney Thoughts

Disney Thoughts
Today, I was driving, running to do some errands. I had so much to do and felt I had no time to do all the stuff I needed to do on my list. I am sure we all have had those days. But even through the craziness of running around, Disney found it's way into my thoughts. Crazy how I wasn't even trying, yet the thoughts of Disney just kept coming up all over the place. When I was in a store getting a few items, I saw a cup with Mickey on it. This Mickey then made me think of Disney World, meeting Mickey, and then some how the parades popped into my mind. Then I started thinking on how I missed Spectromagic Parade at Magic Kingdom and how bummed I am that it ended in June of 2010. I loved all the lights and the music! Maybe soon they will bring it back with even more characters then ever before! 
But next time I go down, I am going to see Main Street Electrical Parade! I was there when they brought in the old parade, I got to go back stage and see it before it went out for others to see at night which was so cool! They opened up a parade float and let us look inside! I think it would be awesome to drive one of those floats up Main Street:)

Alice in Spectromagic

So, that's not all folks...I was driving through the mountains of Vermont and started thinking of Mt. Everest (I am a huge hiker as well) and then I started thinking of the attraction at Animal Kingdom and how I couldn't wait to see that Yeti. I loved going up, stopping...hearing the tracks move behind me, and then being set free...flying backwards, hearing the yeti. I was loving every moment and here I was reliving it right in my car on the way home through the mountains. Mt. Everest is such a great experience. 

Mt. Everest at Animal Kingdom

So, when you are on errands, do you find yourself traveling to Disney World in your mind? 
I can tell you that it really makes the errands not so dreadful and a lot more fun!

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