Friday, September 30, 2011


The Mad Hatter

I joined a Disney site called the WDW4Brits about 40 days ago. The site belongs to two wonderful guys names Adam and Tristan.  There is a forum to write under different categories, a place to share pictures of Disney, Planning, Trips, the Parks, Weather...and so on!
I am from New England, but the site was new and looked fun to join. In the last few weeks some very interesting people have joined this fun site which I find to be a best part, meeting new Disney fans!
Meet the Mad Hatter, he enjoys giving "handy hints" and let me tell you that they are pretty handy! A few days ago, he wrote this on the site:
"...another which again would benefit family with kids.When your queing up for Finding Nemo,the musical at a/k, don't rush for the front seats of the auditorium (you see a lot of people do this)head for at least ten rows back as the stage is so high up(must be at least eight foot)the kids wont see half of whats going on,we made this mistake first time and i couldn't film the show(you are allowed to film as long as you don't use the camcorder light)another attraction hint,on Soarin at Epcot, you que into three rows,a,b, and c.try and get row a.this way if you look upwards you wont see other peoples feet dangling down,sort of takes away the magic of Soarin."
 I have always been trying to get up close on Finding Nemo, and here is someone who has done so, and made sure to let others know that it is better to be further away from the stage. Glad to know I would have been more disappointed getting closer since my stepson probably wouldn't have been able to see everything on stage. 
If would like to read more of the "handy hints" that Mad Hatter writes on the forums, you can head to  You can come as a guest, or you can join in on the fun with the Mad Hatter as a member.
Have a Magical Day:) Hope to see you at (We all my Mad People here! he he)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

News...What is coming up for me in the World of Disney! the World of Disney!

I wanted to share with my readers that I will be AGAIN in MouseMag coming out
this weekend!! I am very excited! MouseMag is a great magazine. It is written by
Disney fans for other Disney fans to enjoy reading. My article will be "Little Wonders of WDW".
I hope that when it comes out that you will enjoy reading my Disney article and the others that are featured in the mag. If you want to know more about MouseMag and read the last three magazines, 
you can go to CloudMag. 
You can also follow MouseMag on Twitter: @MouseMag

 In Other News...
I am now the First Woman writer for
I am very excited to start this new Disney adventure!

So, now you can follow me here on my DisneyBlueFairy Shares blog, TheWDWdads site, 
twitter @disneybluefairy, facebook as Ariel Snow, and can join my Disney FB fan page! I am also
on DisCOT and a Moderator for the WDW4Brits...which is also for us Americans too! I am under DisneyBlueFairy on that website!

Also...and very excited to start...

I have been sharing my magical moment, which one was one of the reason I wanted to start blogging, and 
when I shared my moments, others started sharing theirs with me. So, then I thought...wouldn't it be wonderful to start sharing other Disney fans Magical Moments on my blog! 
So, if you had an amazing Magical Moment at Disney, or your child/children had a Great character
experience, or something wonderful happened at Disney with your WHOLE family and you would 
love to share this Magical Moment with others...Now you can:)

...and tell my wonderful readers about your magical moment at Disney!
Can be a few paragraphs, can share a photo of two of the moment.
And every Saturday and Sunday, I'll SPOTLIGHT Magical Moments on my DisneyBlueFairy Blog:)

Hope everyone have a Magical Day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....Characters

Wordless Wednesday
I know this weeks theme is face characters, 
but to me the faces these two characters are making just make me laugh!
Hubby and Stepson playing with the FUN MIRROR at Goofy's Candy Co. in 2009!

Hope you enjoyed these characters!
They love making faces!

Here is my favorite face characters! YAY!

Focused on the Magic

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Tinker Bell Baby Shower

A Tinker Bell Baby Shower

 My Wonderful Cousin is having her first baby and
she knows it is going to be a girl.
For her baby shower, it was themed Tinker Bell,
for my cousin likes her.
Here are some pictures of the Shower and
how my relatives worked on the theme.

I wanted to make Tinker Bell wings cookies, so I found Tinker bell wings
online, printed them to the size I wanted, cut it out and used it as my stencil.
Then I used green and white cookies icing that hardens, and added green sprinkles.

For the wrapping, I just got Pink paper, for my cousin having a girl, and then
added Tinker Bell stickers I found at Walmart for under $2.00. 
The bast part was that the Top gift was a Tinker Bell Wall Stick on for
the baby's room that my cousin wanted!

I loved what my family did for decorations. They had worked very hard putting this
all together for my cousin. They got Tinker Bell buckets, got Pixie Sticks, and Tinker Bells.
They added Tinker Bell balloons to them as well. I thought this was a super, awesome idea!
I kept this bucket after, I loved it! I also had lots of Pixie sticks...PIXIE POWER!
We also had Tinker Bell coloring pictures that we could color and leave a message for the baby. They are going to make a scrapbook for the little girl with all the pics. I colored and left one for her. I though this was such a neat idea! My family is so creative!

My little cousin made this cake. She loves to make the cakes for events and she is Ten! She
wanted to make it special, so she made a fairy wing with Tinker around it! I think she did an amazing job!

At the Head Table there were huge Tinker Bell balloons! I just loved this one! Great Idea:)

SUPRISE! Tinker Bell herself came to the party and surprised
my cousin for the baby Shower! It was awesome!
  It was one beautiful and magical baby shower! My cousin loved it!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spotlight: Stepson and a Magical Cast Member

 The Waiting in Line....can sometimes be boring and hard for kids to do.
But not with this guy around it's not...

We met him at Animal Kingdom while waiting in line for Trek.
He talked with our stepson, danced with him while waiting in Line to get an 
autograph from Trek. Both seemed to be having a ball with each other.
My stepson loved every moment with this cast member that was
just making our stepson's day even more special. 
Our stepson had a hard time leaving after, for he enjoyed playing with
this cast member. I wish I could remember his name!
This was my stepson's magical moment, he was smiling the whole time
with this guy. Then they traded a pin after which made my stepson so happy!
Now has has a cool stitch pirate pin from this cast member to remember him by.

When it came time for this Picture, he was ready with a smile already on his face!
Glad to have cast members who know how to make a child's day!
Hope you enjoyed my Stepson's Magical Moment!
Have a magical Weekend:)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Hop on Happiness:) Disney happiness!

Happiness at Walt Disney World

There are many things at Disney that brings me happiness. Just thinking of Disney makes me smile. I love all things Disney and it doesn't take much to make me happy when around anything Disney!
Here are some of the Wonders of Disney that makes me happy:)

1. Getting on an airplane and seeing an image like this...knowing my
destination is going to be Orlando FL!

2. When riding the Disney Express and seeing the this up ahead! 

3. When my stepson gets to meet some of his favorite characters around
each park! When he is happy, I am happy:)

4. I just jump for joy when I get to go on the Rock'n Roller Coaster!
The best part was when I got to take my stepson on for the 
first time! He loved it!

5. When I see Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
I would wait in an hour line, in 100 degree weather for her...
O, wait..I did that once!

6. When I enter Magic Kingdom and see the castle.
I get goose bumps just thinking about this moment!

7. When I get to hang out with the characters, even better...
when I get to hang out with them and my little sister!

8. My favorite, when I get moments like this at Disney, my own moment, when the
world just slips away and I feel at peace on Disney Property.

I know that this is just a handful of things that make me happy about Disney. There are tons, and tons, that just make my day, when I am at the parks or even at home. Just yesterday I ordered my stepson something he has been wanting on the Disney site. I was excited all day after buying it for him. It's those moments that just brings happiness. 
Have a happy and magical Disney day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Refillable Mugs at WDW...with NEW REPORT ON THEM!

The Refillable Mugs at WDW

Stepson with his Refillable Disney Mug at POP Century in 2009

I love these mugs and every time I go down to Disney World, I get one to use at my resort. Now it seems that you will have to buy one each time you go down (for those that like to bring theirs back). Some people used to bring back their mugs from their vacation before, not anymore will you be able to use your expire mugs. I got this off of Mouse For Less and here is what was written...
All-Star Sports Resort Tests New Refillable Mug System
All-Star Sports Resort is currently testing a new refillable mug drink dispensing system that will limit the ability for expired length-of-stay mugs to be used. The new system can detect if a mug is expired and will only dispense water for expired mugs. Guests who purchase individual drinks will also encounter some restrictions, with the cups only able to be filled for a specific period of time while the guest dines. If the test works out, Walt Disney World guests may soon see the new machines installed at other resorts. Disney's All-Star Sports End Zone Food Court is currently the only Disney dining location in which the new system is in use.
This was written by Jennifer H Walker and updated on July 2011

A cost for the mugs are $13.99 plus tax and can to be used over and over again when you are down at WDW. 
We used ours at our resort , or when we were headed to the parks we would fill it up for the Bus ride over.
My hubby is a big Coffee Drinker so he used his a lot of his coffee which was great because he would have about three cups each morning! I loved to used mine by the pool and would fill it up with a cold drink when it was empty. Great for those really HOT DAYS at the resort, always have a cold drink on hand with these mugs. Plus we use them at home after and when we travel.

Here are a few from my collection over the Years:
My husband uses them for work and when we travel around.
They hold 14oz and we think they are great.
I am sure on our next visit we will get more to add to our collection!

So remember that when you had down to Disney World that you will soon need to 
buy a Disney Refillable Mug each time!
Have a magical day:)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three Tips I learned from Traveling to WDW

Here are some helpful hits that I wish 
I knew when I traveled to Walt Disney World for the
first time when I was an adult....

1. Disney Dining Reservations...
When I first went to Disney with some friends, we had one person make reservations, which happened at the last moment. There was not a lot of room left and we couldn't just pick anytime which was tough. Second time, reservations were made again at the last moment, getting us the last table of the evening for Character dining! Learned learn...make dinning reservations before you go down to Disney World. Mostly if you want to eat with the Characters, Cinderella's Royal Table can be booked months in advance since it's so popular...plan ahead of where you want to eat. Online it reads "...advanced reservations are strongly recommended. You can make reservations up to 180 days prior to your visit. Book online or call 407-WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463." I really agree with this statement!

2. Times Guide & New Information
When I first started going down to Walt Disney World, I just went to the parks and never gave the Times Guide a thought. I missed out on some of the events and parades and extra hours. When you get down to Disney World, look at the Times Guide that they give you when you get to your resort. It is always good to look over the times of the parks, parades, shows and extra hours! These times are for a whole week. It will give dates on the top. Now when I go down, times the first thing I do when I check into my room. Sit down for a few moments and review the Times Guide!

3.Special Offers
I wish I would have known to look at the special offers before setting up a trip. I remember just picking dates and doing all the trips online at There is a section called Special Offers and when we went on our Honeymoon we had checked it and got a great deal. We saved $1400 which if we hadn't seen it, we would have done a different time and spent more on the resort room at Polynesian! 
Right now they have a deal here:
Get a FREE dining plan when you purchase a non-discounted 4-night/5-day Magic Your Way room and ticket package at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels, valid for select arrival dates from October 2011 through March 2012! 
So make sure you check the Special Offers 

Some of my family and friends have gone down to Disney World many times and I asked them to give me advice that they wish they would have gotten when they had first went down to WDW...

"I would suggest if you have children to make sure you know you won't see everything, take a break back at your hotel (stay on property), swim and let the kids nap so that you can go back to the park and enjoy the night."

"My several experiences going to Disney taught me to really enjoy what I get to do and not to worry about what I've missed it makes the vacation much more enjoyable and I have something to look forward to on my next trip........."
"That it is o.k. to just relax and enjoy the park. Sometimes people get caught up in the rat race of seeing all the attractions. Take your time and just enjoy being at Walt Disney World!"

"I wish I would have brought down more money for Disney items. I wanted something at every park, but didn't bring enough down with me. Remember that you will want to bring some of the magic back home with you when you go to Disney! Take extra money just in case."

"I was glad that we took a day in between to just relax at the resort and hang out. It gave us more energy for doing the parks the rest of the week."

From my stepson who wanted to add in his comment :
"Have fun, enjoy yourself, don't get lost and go to Chef Mickey's to eat. It's the best place. Oh and see the Big Tree with animals on it at Animal Kingdom, it's a lot of fun inside. It's like a movie place!"

Hope that this post has been helpful and enjoy your trip down to WDW! Have a Magical Day:)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One of my favorite Disney Shops to visit...

 When I go down to Disney World, one of my favorite stops is 
Disney's Pin Traders
 I get so excited when I see these two 
at the Marketplace!
This pin store is the largest pin-trading
location and has the most pins to pick from 
to buy at the Walt Disney World Resort.

If you have a favorite character, park, ...anything of Disney
the pins are here!
They also have tons of different LE pins here to look through
and buy!
Here is one of the LE pins that I have bought
at Disney's Pin Traders

This is a TinkerBell pin
that I picked up in 2006
at the Happiest Celebration of Earth
It is a LE of 1500
I was very excited to get this pin.
I love looking at it on my shelf everyday. 
The section I got this pin at was behind the counter of
the cashier. There are some pins in boxes, so don't forget
to check them out! You never know what you will find there!
Have a Magical Day and don't forget to stop
by Pin Traders when you are at Downtown Disney!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Once again!:)

Wordless Wednesday with some awesome Characters.
My Wonderful Stepson loves Lilo and Stitch.
We meet them at Animal Kingdom.

Here was his amazing experience meeting them for the first time in 2009!

Yep! He was loving every minute of it!

Focused on the Magic

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Test Track Cars


I have always loved Test Track and heard that it will be getting a new face lift!
So the cars have always looked like this...
I have enjoyed being in these cars when going around the stations 
and being set free on the tracks outside, 
But I have found this picture online of a new car that has been 
spotted on the tracks now...
Well...this is a new Test Track car....I just love the color blue on it!
I am so excited to see what other cars and colors will start popping 
up at Test Track!
Already excited about my next trip down to WDW!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Expansion of Fantasyland (Part 2)

Expansion of Fantasyland (Part 2)

Everyone wants to know what will be opening up when they go down to Walt Disney World. I have
asked around to see what will be opening up in the Expansion of Fantasyland and when.
Here is what I got:

Early 2012 - Half of Storybook Circus with Double Dumbo, Great Goofini Coaster, Fantasyland Train Station, Casey Jr.

Late 2012 (November-December) Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid ride (very excited for this!!), Be Our Guest restaurant, Beauty and the Beast village, Belle meet-and-greet, Castle wall

Early 2013 - Remaining half of Storybook Circus with Pete’s Silly Sideshow

Late 2013 - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster

If you are planning a trip around these times, then now you what will be opened and ready to see on your next visit.  I have to say that I am so excited to go down myself and see this new part of the Magic Kingdom. It is very exciting! I can't wait to go on The Little Mermaid Ride and eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant! It is sad to see Mickey's Towntoon Fair leave us but it is very exciting to look at this picture knowing what great thing await us!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Monorail

Wordless Wednesday - Monorail
On the Monorail going around Walt Disney World!
Always looking out the window...

Getting excited when seeing the castle in the distance...


Focused on the Magic
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