Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rumor Mill :FASTPASS moving to Parades?

Fastpass and The Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade
Yep, this is the lastest news, fastpass on parades!
Well, it's going to be a trail test...
This is what I read on

"Magic Kingdom is set to carry out a limited trial of offering FASTPASS for a reserved viewing area for the afternoon parade "Celebrate A Dream Come True".  The test is expected to run from early next week to mid November, with FASTPASS tickets being given out at random to guests earlier in the day.  The viewing area will be in front of the castle."

I am wondering what others think of this topic? Having FASTPASS on the parades at Walt Disney World, which means there will be a section that only some people who get picked can go into them. I guess if I was the one getting picked, I would be thrilled. But what if you go down all the time, once a year and never get picked? And, if this idea really works and guests enjoy it, will this go through to the other parks? Maybe they will soon have FASTPASS for Fantasmic, Illuminations and Wishes as well. I do enjoy FASTPASS but I don't want to see it every wheres. I do enjoy trying to get there early and get a good spot, not get there early and see sections blocked off. I am fine with FASTPASS when it comes to lines. I don't mind waiting while others go by me with FASTPASS, for I know I can use mine on other ride. But with parades, you can't just go get a FASTPASS, you have to be picked? Maybe if it works, they might make a place to get FASTPASS for the parades I don't know, these are just my thoughts. It might be a great thing, I am just not sure. 
If anyone is down there during now to mid November and get selected for FASTPASS during the parade at Magic Kingdom, let me know what you think of the idea after.  
What do others think of this idea? Should they make FASTPASS for Parades?
Love to hear your thoughts on this interesting topic!

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  1. California Adventure has FASTPASSES for the nighttime World of Color show. If you don't have one, you really don't get to see the show. If you plan ahead, you can get some great viewing areas however it doesn't really work for those visitors that don't plan ahead or forgot to. Not sure parades are the best plan for FASTPASSES though. Parades are usually down Main Street, not a show viewing area like Fantasmic, you know?


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