Thursday, July 28, 2011

Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safaris

Adventure Through the Wildlife Preserve at Disney World
Ever wish you could go to Africa and go on one of those Safari tours. Well, at Animal Kingdom they have a ride called Kilimanjaro Safaris and it is a sit down attraction for all ages that takes you through 100-acre savannah in an Africa setting. It feels so real when you get into the safari jeep and you head out onto the plains of Africa. The animals are all around you and all you want to do is take pictures! The trip around is like an exciting expedition through the wildlife preserve for you become part of a story. You and you friends get to help save two elephants from poachers. This is a must see attraction at Animal Kingdom! I enjoy this ride every time I go on it with each of my visits. The time in the day will also determine which animals you might see for some of the animals hide or take shade during the hot afternoons. Some animals enjoy being out grassing during that time of the day. So, each time you go down to Disney World, pick a different time to go on that attraction. Here are a few pics of some of my adventures through the wildlife preserve of Kilimanjaro Safaris.
 These Rhinos are normal always out when I have been
on this attraction. One time though, a rhino must have
been having a rough day for he starting stampeding
at the jeep all upset. Though he was cooled off by the 
time he reached the jeep:)

This is my favorite picture because I have been
through the wildlife preserve many times and 
this was the only time I have ever seen her! Only she was
hiding in the shade in the glass area, or between boulders. 
I was so excited!!!:) She is one big beautiful cat!

This is a small island of birds, some from Africa mixed with a few
ducks and wildlife from around Florida. At one point, the birds
that naturally lived in Florida were removed from this ride,
but not any longer, for now they all get to live together in
beautiful harmony. Plus the natural wildlife doesn't really
take the Africa feel away to me. Glad the ducks get
to live there again! The flamingos don't seem to mind the
ducks at all.

So, when you are down at Disney World and head over to Animal Kingdom, don't forget to check out this wonderful attraction. It's a must see fro everyone!!!

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