Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Magical Disney Vault!

I am a proud member of the Disney Movie Club! I love it when Disney movies come out of the vault. I get excited and goose bumps start forming! I been trying to upgrade all my Disney Classics to Blu-Ray and looking forward to the next two movies that are coming out of the Vault!!!
First is Bambi II ....this is great because Bambi had came out not long ago on Diamond Edition which I got right away! So happy that Bambi II will be out of the vault Aug. 23rd!! Got to get a copy! It's a Special Edition!
Bambi II out on Aug23

This is one of my favorite parts in the movie!
Father and Son!

Also soon to be released for the Disney vault is a BIG favorite...The Lion King! I love this movie! When I heard it as coming out again.. I felt like it was 1995 again! I so want this new edition...It's Diamond Edition and Blu-Ray! 
 Yep! The Whole Gang is back!!!
The Lion King out on Oct 4th
I know it's sadly not out until Oct. 4th but you are pre-order. If you per-order with the Disney Movie club you will get 325 points for Disney Movie Rewards! I love getting points!! They add up so quickly and the site is always adding new cool Disney items you can get for free...plus free shipping and handling! Or, you can wait to until the movie comes out...look on the inside cover and get the code to get points! That easy!!
So happy for the Disney Vault...it's magical! Puts a smile on my face every time it opens:) ....well until the movie goes away and the vault closes..lol

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