Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oldies but Goodies....Disney Murals

So, when I was younger I loved to paint. I painted so much that it was costing my parents lots of money. My mom decided that since I was so good at painting that she would paint my walls white and I could paint on them instead. I was very excited about this project. I loved Disney back then as much as I do now so I wanted to paint something to do with Disney. I looked through some Disney books I had when I was thirteen years old and decided to draw Jasmine, Belle, The Lion King Cubs and so on... Here is one of the murals I painted when I was thirteen but didn't finish until I was almost fifteen. Jasmine and Belle were painted to be as tall as me, about 5'5". Belle is sadly not in this picture, she would be on the left side of Jasmine. Jasmine is also holding a bird in her left hand that is not shown here.
Later I started to make a scene of Pocahontas with a beautiful waterfall behind her. I draw the picture on the wall when I was sixteen but got busy with sports, then I graduated went to college. I guess life took over and for years it never got done. But when I was about twenty seven I decided to finish what I started and painted Pocahontas! I have to say that I am very proud of my work. When I was painting her, I felt like I was a teen again. Here is the mural of Pocahontas....
  Pocahontas is about 3"10' high. She is holding the compass in her hands. I loved the bright colors I used to paint her. I also have a mural of Ariel on my door to my childhood room at my parents that I did when I was twelve but I can't seem to find a picture of her.
Now, we have moved into a new house and I have been painting a room white. I want to make a new mural of Disney World. I am very excited about this new project and can't wait to put it up as a post in the near future! Thanks mom for painting my room white when I was younger, I loved all the murals I have come up with over the years!

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