Thursday, July 7, 2011

That Special Favorite Ride at Disney

I am sure everyone has their favorite ride when they go to Disney. We enjoy everything about Disney, but this one ride just makes us just a little more excited inside. Every time I go to Disney, I can't wait to go on Space Mountain. I get into Magic Kingdom and that is the first place I go to get a fast pass. I don't think I could make it waiting in line! I just want to get to that space rocket and go to Outer Space so BAD! I love the darkness and the ups, downs, side turns...just writing about it, makes me wish I was on it right now!
 I remember when I was working at Magic Kingdom, I would get off work and head over to Space Mountain to ride it before leaving. This is such a great ride. I even like it when you get off and have to get on the moving walkway to the gift shop and  see yourself on the camera at the end! It's so much fun!
Even when I went down for my Birthday one year, my friends told the cast member that it was my favorite ride so he gave me free passes to ride it a few times without having to wait!! I was so overjoyed! I wish that I could have a Space Mountain in my own back yard.
The funny part is that when I first went down to Disney, at twelve, I wouldn't go in line for Space Mountain. I was nervous because it was a dark ride. Now I love it because it's a dark ride! I can't wait to see Space Mountain up close again in the near future! I miss you, Space Mountain!!

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