Monday, July 4, 2011

Disney Value is always great!!

When I go down to Disney, I stay on Disney Property. I have stayed a few times off but I prefer the feeling of staying right in the heart of Disney! I love all their resorts, have stayed at many but still prefer to stay at their value resorts because they feel more Disney-ish! There are so many cool things to look at when at these Resorts. There are now going to be five value resorts and all different! I have stayed at the All-Stars Sports and Music resorts, (not Movies yet) but here is POP Century, the last Value Disney Resort we stayed at back in 2009!
Here is a map of Pop Century! My husband  the building we stayed in that time. We got to stay in Lady! Tramp was on the other side of us. At each value resort that have different sections with characters or a cool figure to mark where you will be staying in. It makes it so much easier to find your room! They have three pools for kids to play in. This resort had three cool pools. We played mostly in the pool shaped like a bowling pin!
My stepson Sam loved playing in this pool. he would have stayed all day and night in this pool if we would have let him. They had floating balls that looks like bowling balls. We would throw them around and at each other in the water! I have to say that if you decided to take a break from the parks for it got to hot, then this is the place to be! And with three to pick from, it makes it that much more fun! Plus I loved that it was very close to our room so we didn't have far to walk back!
All we ever had to do was find Lady and she guided us back to our room. Plus it was cool to know we had her. She is one of my favorite characters. So each section will bring you to where you need to be, you just need to remember who is staying in front of your building!
This is my wonderful father posing in front of the main pool that is right next to the main building. The main building has everything in it!! You can't get lost at all. You have the front desk, information desk, the gift shop, the food court and the game room!!! ALL in one building and then when you come outside there is the pool and three different was to go. You just need to know which character at this resort you are under and you are good to go!
Plus you never know who you are going to meet at the value resorts! Here I am with Goofy! I meet him along one of my walks around the resort. I can't wait to go back and stay at the new Disney's Art of Animation Resort. It's going to be another fun adventure!


  1. I love Pop. We stayed on the Tramp side. :)

  2. Cool photos! That lady is Huge!! :D


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