Monday, August 1, 2011

Water Fun at Disney World

There is lots of fun water spots around Disney World.
My stepson was very good at finding these spots.
We had gone down in 2009 in Feb. so I was thinking
it wasn't going to be that hot out..I was wrong...
I few of the days it was pretty hot. My stepson 
found these cool water spots and would go
running for them!
There are two great ones at Downtown Disney.
He found this first one at the near the bathrooms,
near the bus station at the Marketplace.

The second one was found still in Marketplace, outside of Earl of Sandwich.
He eat and played in the water play area for awhile. He loved it. Here
he is after playing in the water for awhile. You can see
by the kids in the back that it's a big hit!

This other one was found at Epcot, not far from Fast Track.
We had to wait a few more minutes for our
fast passes to be ready and my stepson found this
water area to play in while waiting.

Kids and Water go great together. I was happy
that Disney has places like these for hot days and 
to keep kids entertained. :) So when you
are going through Disney, look for these
great little spots to take your kids to take a break, 
or have a snack.
Though I have a filling your
kids will find them first!

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