Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mad Tea Party experience at Disney World

Get Me Off This Ride Please!
I love everything about Disney World. I enjoy going to all four parks and experience the magic! But sadly there will always be one ride I will have to skip and that is the tea cups called Mad Tea Party! Now why you might ask I might what to skip this Magic Kingdom Ride? 
Well, it happened during my Disney internship back in 2003. It was a spring and there where many guests in Magic Kingdom. We were waiting around for SpectroMagic Parade to start. I was with one of my suite mates, her friend and my roommate. My suite mate thought since we had time to use, we should go on a few rides. I was fine with that fro I love going on Disney rides, anytime, anywhere at Disney. 
We walked by Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland and my suite mate and her friend saw how the line was not that long so felt that should be a ride we could do now. I was a little nervous because I heard how fast it can spin but I thought I would be ok on it. We got on the ride and the ride started slowly. I laughed along with my friends and was enjoying myself. But the it started to go faster and my suite mate that it would be so much fun to spin the tea cup fast!!
So with the spinning and the speed we were going at, I started to feel sick. I started to say things like," I am getting sick!" and "Get me off this RIDE!!" But my friends thought I was joking and the ride just keep going!
Let me tell you that closing your eyes doesn't help on this ride. It might even make you feel worse! 
After the ride stop, which felt took forever, I tried to get off the ride. That is right, I used the word TRIED, for I was walking all messed up. I found my way to the exit and ran to the nearest garbage can. My friends then were a little concerned about me! I think my roommate was the most, because she stayed with me. The other two didn't want to miss the parade and took off to check it out because it had started. I tried to walk, but felt so sick. 
After that my stomach couldn't settle at all. I was a big mess and had to sit every few minutes just to try to get around the castle to see some of the parade! O, what a day! This is why Mad Tea Party is just not for me! Have never been back on it since....


  1. I know how you feel, I get sick in this attraction too! So I always skip it when I'm visiting Disneyland Paris

    Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

  2. I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to ride it again after that. I had an issue with Mission Space Orange, I won't be riding that again!


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