Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GET A DISNEY AUTOGRAPH BOOK...they're the best!!!

 1992 Disney Autographs!
I was going through some of my childhood items when I came across my old Disney Autograph book. I was so excited to look through it! There were so many autographs from Disney characters plus others that I had forgotten about! It took me back to 1992! That was my very first visit to this magical world that is known at Walt Disney World.

So this is my little sister and I at Magic Kingdom, we waited in line to meet Mickey Mouse! I remember how excited I was. Glad I got a chance to get a picture with him and his autograph!

Here is when I got a chance to meet Beauty and the Beast! Of course the Beast couldn't sign but I got Belle's autograph which was awesome! I loved meeting all the characters through the parks!

YEP! This is my favorite memory of all...I loved coming home from school to watch Darkwing Duck on TV! It was my favorite cartoon show on ABC Disney! How I miss seeing this show!

I have to say that looking at these autograph books brings back memories! I recommend getting an autograph book for your child when you go down. They will have a wonderful keepsake from this magical world! I am so glad that my parents got me one! When I went down with my stepson in 2009, I made sure to get him one! He loves his book, he has pics with the characters and their autographs. When he get older, he will have that with him to look back on at his first trip to Disney!

These are the books. The red is from 1992 and the blue from 2004, so they don't change much over time. They do have some books that come with pens and places inside to put pics next to each autograph as well.
Happy Travels to the magical world of Disney!:)


  1. My daughter loved getting autographs in her autograph book! What a keepsake!

  2. Your post makes me glad that I made a Disney autograph book for my grand children last year. Isn't is amazing how Mickey and the other characters have not aged since 1992. What is their secret? (I wrote a post showing how I made the book at


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