Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A NEW DOG with a new name...

My stepson has been wanting a dog for a long time. He also has been saving money to go back to Disney World. Just last week he handed me over $300.00 dollars of Disney money to get a dog. He said," Disney is for a week, a dog is for a lot longer." I was shocked but it was his money and so I looked on line for a dog that would fit our family. I found this cute, active, fun dog online. Wrote a few times to the foster owner and sent in my application. We hope to hear from her again this week about meeting the dog. Sam wants to name the dog and I said we should have a Disney name. He liked Stitch. He has always loved Lilo and Stitch! My husband thinks the name is o.k., but not sure. We want a vote on this name...what do you think?
Does this dog look like a Stitch to you? Vote on my poll on the right side and then we can make a decision! Thanks everyone! Have a magical Disney day! ...and yes...we still will go back to Disney World soon..he is already starting to save up again too! lol

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