Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rumor Mill: Avatar going where?

So, most everyone knows that Avatar is coming to Disney World in Animal Kingdom. I was not crazy about the movie but I am very curious is how Disney is going to react this magical place. But what has kind of made me sad is where I heard Disney is going to be placing Avatar in Animal Kingdom. AK is the largest park at Disney World and so I thought they were just going to keep expanding the park.
What I heard is that Animal Kingdom will be taking out Rafiki's Planet Watch Area to put in Avatar. If you haven't been to WDW or have not made it over to Rafiki's Planet Watch Area when you are visiting the parks, then you can check out my post of this section HERE This is a lovely section in the park where you can see both the Conservation Station and Affection Section, which I explain about in my later blog post.
I wonder if Disney will keep the train that used to take you to Rafiki's Planet Watch Area and back to Harambe Africa. I love that train ride, so maybe it would be nice to have that train travel you to Avatar but maybe upgrade the train to match more of Avatar style.
I just wish they would not get rid of Rafiki's Planet Watch Area, maybe they could move that to a new location where more people can just walk to visit. It is just nice to see where the animals of Animal Kingdom get treated and I have always loved the petting area. So, this is what I have heard. Has anyone heard anything different, or about the same?


  1. I haven't heard that at all - I've heard it's going to take over Camp Minnie Mickey near the front of the park. Apparently Animal Kingdom is incredibly horrible to work with b/c of all the animals and moving Rafiki's would be seriously hard will all the housing areas back there.. Check out Len Testa and Jim Hill's Unofficial Guide Podcast mini-series they made in the fall and talked all about it (and I just listened to it today).. I just wish the whole thing would go away!

    1. I wish they wouldn't take anything away and just add it instead, I mean with all the guests that come into the parks each day, it's always crowded most of the year, so why not just expand more. I don't like it when parks take away something that has been around for sometime and that guests enjoy!


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