Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mickey's Ice Cream Bar...Yummy

Mickey's Ice Cream Bar
Mickey's Ice Cream Bar is one of the most popular treats at Walt Disney World. Since I have gone down to Disney, this has always been my ice cream of choice. I think because my first trip to Walt Disney World was a tough trip for me.
I was twelve years old, and ended up with an ear infection and strep throat. Mickey's Ice Cream Bar was the only food item I would eat during the trip. It is vanilla ice cream with a chocolate coating. It was the prefect treat for my sore throat. 
Of course, my parents never knew I had strep throat when I was in Florida. We went to the doctors and he only said ear infection to them. But the medication I received didn't work for I was also on Iron pills at the time. So my throat got worse, and the Mickey Ice Cream Bar keep being the only thing I would eat during my visit to the parks. What a way to spend your first trip as a kid!
But Mickey Ice Cream Bars became my one of my favorites and holds a wonderful memory for me...a happier throat due to the ice cream when walking around the parks. This could be why when I go to Walt Disney World now, I still go for this treat. Still makes my throat feel great and I just love it! Do you have a Disney treat that is special to you? Holds a memory? 

Eating my Mickey Ice Cream bar at Epcot with Dad, my sister and little cousin
Have a Magical Day:)

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  1. I think any Mickey-shaped treat is great! :-) My favorite snack though is the popcorn since I remember so clearly eating it as a kid sitting in front of Big Thunder Mountain.


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