Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So, I have heard that come March 7th FASTPASS will be enforced. You can no longer show up late with your FASTPASS and get on the attraction. You will have a small window to of five minutes ahead of FASTPASS and fifteen minutes late. If you show up a half hour late, they will not honor your FASTPASS.
One site said that if you are late, they will give you a different FASTPASS to come back again. So, you still could get on the ride without waiting in line, but at a later time. 
Having a limit means WDW can give out more FASTPASSES at the end of the day. Before they had to take in account that many guest were going to show up later, so didn't pass as many out as the day went on. Now, they will be able to give out more FASTPASSES to more guests.
Now, I have gone to WDW many times and never knew that they took late FASTPASSES. I always have shown up early to my attraction and have to wait, but now it seems if we show up five minutes early, they will take our FASTPASS.
I am sure many guests will not be happy with this change. Many get FASTPASS and hold onto it until they are ready to go on the ride. Now guests of WDW will have to plan their days in the parks differently. How will this change effect you?
I heard some say that if WDW is going to have a window now to return to an attraction that it should be at least a two hour window. This might be a good idea so if guests have had a hold up at another attraction, they won't be late to the one using a FASTPASS. 
All I know is that I am glad that I am not the CP Cast member who has to take those FASTPASS. Working at a theme park such as WDW, you get many guests who want their way, and will do whatever it takes to break you down and get it. So, please remember that it's not that cast members fault, they are just upholding the rules, if you are upset, ask for their manager and complain to them. A CP cast member doesn't get paid enough to deal with that much yelling and screaming! I have had a few guests make me leave for break in tears. WE would let you ride if they could! Maybe WDW will have to hire body guards for this job now, because no CP cast member is going to want to do it!

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