Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Great ways to spend Valentines at Disney World

Walt Disney World is a great way to spend Valentines. There is so many ways to get close to that special someone at the most magical place on earth. Here are a few ways and places to go to spend quality time with the one you love on Valentines Day or any other special occasion  at WDW.

Take a balloon flight on Character In Flight at Downtown Disney. This magical balloon flight takes you over Walt Disney World with that special someone. Once you are at the top, you get to circle the balloon seeing all away around (360 degrees) of WDW! This is a very special treat to so with someone you love. My hubby and I did this ride when we went down for our honeymoon in 2010.

Other great way to spend the day is traveling around the World! That is right...head over to Epcot and travel the World Showcase. This is a great way to see the shows and try new foods with someone that you love. There are eleven countries to explore and you can take as much time as you want to enjoy the sites and sounds of each place. I would say though that France (to me) is the most romantic place, plus the dessert there is delicious!

Maybe for a dinner meal you might want some entertainment! Try the Spirit of the Aloha! This is a wonderful show and there is a chance for you and that special someone to get up and dance a slow Hawaiian song. I loved this show when I saw it with my hubby, we also got to dance together. It was so romantic and the food was the best! The show was amazing and you never want to take you eyes off the dancers!

Want to just have a day where you can hang out and enjoy each other without a lot of people around. Spend a day at Disney's BoardWalk. I loved just walking around the water front with my man when we went down to WDW together. We looked at the shops, eat outside and just enjoyed spending time together, plus its quiet on most days during the afternoon. 

Want a wonderful and romantic place to see Wishes at night? Try watching them from the Polynesian Resort. We had watched them on the beach and it was so beautiful. I also loved how Disney has a light up dragon that travels the water as well. We enjoyed watching the fireworks and just holding hands on the beach!

Disney is a great way to spend some romantic and quality time with that special someone. There are so many ways to be together at Disney World. Check out the shows, maybe do a special tour together, or just walk Main Street USA holding hands and getting your picture. Enjoy each others company and have a magical Valentines day:)

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