Monday, February 6, 2012

24 hours of MK Magic

Today I am over at WDWdads where I wrote a a post about working for Disney 24 hours in one day. What would you do if you could work/learn about your favorite attractions and shows in just 24 hours. What if you could eat at the cafe on the lower level with your favorite Disney characters for break. This is post is all about what I would want to learn and do at Magic Kingdom if I got to work there for 24 hours.
I know I have worked at MK, but this 24 hours I could learn what I have always wanted to learn with some of the attractions, shows and even parades. Come on over and read...maybe it will spark an idea of what you would love to do if you had 24 hours to learn the behind the scene magic of some of your favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom:) Have a magical day!
Go here to read the Post: 24 hours of MK Magic

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