Thursday, September 15, 2011

One of my favorite Disney Shops to visit...

 When I go down to Disney World, one of my favorite stops is 
Disney's Pin Traders
 I get so excited when I see these two 
at the Marketplace!
This pin store is the largest pin-trading
location and has the most pins to pick from 
to buy at the Walt Disney World Resort.

If you have a favorite character, park, ...anything of Disney
the pins are here!
They also have tons of different LE pins here to look through
and buy!
Here is one of the LE pins that I have bought
at Disney's Pin Traders

This is a TinkerBell pin
that I picked up in 2006
at the Happiest Celebration of Earth
It is a LE of 1500
I was very excited to get this pin.
I love looking at it on my shelf everyday. 
The section I got this pin at was behind the counter of
the cashier. There are some pins in boxes, so don't forget
to check them out! You never know what you will find there!
Have a Magical Day and don't forget to stop
by Pin Traders when you are at Downtown Disney!

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes the cast members there have really cool pins to trade too. A few years ago I was able to find a LE Evil Queen exclusive to Disneyland on the lanyard of a cast member right there at WDW's Disney's Pin Traders.


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