Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spotlight: Stepson and a Magical Cast Member

 The Waiting in Line....can sometimes be boring and hard for kids to do.
But not with this guy around it's not...

We met him at Animal Kingdom while waiting in line for Trek.
He talked with our stepson, danced with him while waiting in Line to get an 
autograph from Trek. Both seemed to be having a ball with each other.
My stepson loved every moment with this cast member that was
just making our stepson's day even more special. 
Our stepson had a hard time leaving after, for he enjoyed playing with
this cast member. I wish I could remember his name!
This was my stepson's magical moment, he was smiling the whole time
with this guy. Then they traded a pin after which made my stepson so happy!
Now has has a cool stitch pirate pin from this cast member to remember him by.

When it came time for this Picture, he was ready with a smile already on his face!
Glad to have cast members who know how to make a child's day!
Hope you enjoyed my Stepson's Magical Moment!
Have a magical Weekend:)

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