Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Refillable Mugs at WDW...with NEW REPORT ON THEM!

The Refillable Mugs at WDW

Stepson with his Refillable Disney Mug at POP Century in 2009

I love these mugs and every time I go down to Disney World, I get one to use at my resort. Now it seems that you will have to buy one each time you go down (for those that like to bring theirs back). Some people used to bring back their mugs from their vacation before, not anymore will you be able to use your expire mugs. I got this off of Mouse For Less and here is what was written...
All-Star Sports Resort Tests New Refillable Mug System
All-Star Sports Resort is currently testing a new refillable mug drink dispensing system that will limit the ability for expired length-of-stay mugs to be used. The new system can detect if a mug is expired and will only dispense water for expired mugs. Guests who purchase individual drinks will also encounter some restrictions, with the cups only able to be filled for a specific period of time while the guest dines. If the test works out, Walt Disney World guests may soon see the new machines installed at other resorts. Disney's All-Star Sports End Zone Food Court is currently the only Disney dining location in which the new system is in use.
This was written by Jennifer H Walker and updated on July 2011

A cost for the mugs are $13.99 plus tax and can to be used over and over again when you are down at WDW. 
We used ours at our resort , or when we were headed to the parks we would fill it up for the Bus ride over.
My hubby is a big Coffee Drinker so he used his a lot of his coffee which was great because he would have about three cups each morning! I loved to used mine by the pool and would fill it up with a cold drink when it was empty. Great for those really HOT DAYS at the resort, always have a cold drink on hand with these mugs. Plus we use them at home after and when we travel.

Here are a few from my collection over the Years:
My husband uses them for work and when we travel around.
They hold 14oz and we think they are great.
I am sure on our next visit we will get more to add to our collection!

So remember that when you had down to Disney World that you will soon need to 
buy a Disney Refillable Mug each time!
Have a magical day:)

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