Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mickey Cookies...YUM!

Mickey Sugar Cookies

I love making Mickey sugar cookies! They are so yummy! 

Here is what I use to make these cookies...
Got this Mickey cookie cutter at Disney World,
It makes perfect Mickey cookies:)
Here is a Mickey cookie getting ready to be
put in the oven with his other mickey cookie friends!
I made made these for my sister's Birthday Party. 
Her favorite color is Blue, so I used blue and white
frosting to decorate them with.
She loved them! 

Now you can use the Mickey cutter for Eggs too!
Great way for you and your kids to have breakfast in the morning!
Mickey Eggs! YUM:)

Can get these great Mickey Cutters at Disney World and have tons
of fun making Mickeys!


  1. What is it about Mickey shaped foods that just taste better than everything else?!!! :)

  2. Lizzie Beth- I completely agree!!! I use my mickey cookie cutter to cut my 2 year olds PBJ sandwiches!!

  3. I am going to be using mine to make Mickey Cookies for a fundraiser my husband church is having for him, to help us pay his medical bills from his cancer. I figured, who could resist these!!!I am going to dip the ears in chocolate! *O*


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