Thursday, September 29, 2011

News...What is coming up for me in the World of Disney! the World of Disney!

I wanted to share with my readers that I will be AGAIN in MouseMag coming out
this weekend!! I am very excited! MouseMag is a great magazine. It is written by
Disney fans for other Disney fans to enjoy reading. My article will be "Little Wonders of WDW".
I hope that when it comes out that you will enjoy reading my Disney article and the others that are featured in the mag. If you want to know more about MouseMag and read the last three magazines, 
you can go to CloudMag. 
You can also follow MouseMag on Twitter: @MouseMag

 In Other News...
I am now the First Woman writer for
I am very excited to start this new Disney adventure!

So, now you can follow me here on my DisneyBlueFairy Shares blog, TheWDWdads site, 
twitter @disneybluefairy, facebook as Ariel Snow, and can join my Disney FB fan page! I am also
on DisCOT and a Moderator for the WDW4Brits...which is also for us Americans too! I am under DisneyBlueFairy on that website!

Also...and very excited to start...

I have been sharing my magical moment, which one was one of the reason I wanted to start blogging, and 
when I shared my moments, others started sharing theirs with me. So, then I thought...wouldn't it be wonderful to start sharing other Disney fans Magical Moments on my blog! 
So, if you had an amazing Magical Moment at Disney, or your child/children had a Great character
experience, or something wonderful happened at Disney with your WHOLE family and you would 
love to share this Magical Moment with others...Now you can:)

...and tell my wonderful readers about your magical moment at Disney!
Can be a few paragraphs, can share a photo of two of the moment.
And every Saturday and Sunday, I'll SPOTLIGHT Magical Moments on my DisneyBlueFairy Blog:)

Hope everyone have a Magical Day!


  1. You can go to CloudMag :) there you will see the other three Mags that are out. This weekend you will get to see the New issue 4!


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