Monday, September 26, 2011

A Tinker Bell Baby Shower

A Tinker Bell Baby Shower

 My Wonderful Cousin is having her first baby and
she knows it is going to be a girl.
For her baby shower, it was themed Tinker Bell,
for my cousin likes her.
Here are some pictures of the Shower and
how my relatives worked on the theme.

I wanted to make Tinker Bell wings cookies, so I found Tinker bell wings
online, printed them to the size I wanted, cut it out and used it as my stencil.
Then I used green and white cookies icing that hardens, and added green sprinkles.

For the wrapping, I just got Pink paper, for my cousin having a girl, and then
added Tinker Bell stickers I found at Walmart for under $2.00. 
The bast part was that the Top gift was a Tinker Bell Wall Stick on for
the baby's room that my cousin wanted!

I loved what my family did for decorations. They had worked very hard putting this
all together for my cousin. They got Tinker Bell buckets, got Pixie Sticks, and Tinker Bells.
They added Tinker Bell balloons to them as well. I thought this was a super, awesome idea!
I kept this bucket after, I loved it! I also had lots of Pixie sticks...PIXIE POWER!
We also had Tinker Bell coloring pictures that we could color and leave a message for the baby. They are going to make a scrapbook for the little girl with all the pics. I colored and left one for her. I though this was such a neat idea! My family is so creative!

My little cousin made this cake. She loves to make the cakes for events and she is Ten! She
wanted to make it special, so she made a fairy wing with Tinker around it! I think she did an amazing job!

At the Head Table there were huge Tinker Bell balloons! I just loved this one! Great Idea:)

SUPRISE! Tinker Bell herself came to the party and surprised
my cousin for the baby Shower! It was awesome!
  It was one beautiful and magical baby shower! My cousin loved it!


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