Monday, September 5, 2011

Disney Rumors

A Disney Rumor I have been hearing and reading about...
So I have been reading and hearing about these new wristbands that Disney might be coming out with to use instead of the cards we have now. These wristbands will be the new "Key to the World" and I think this is a great idea! All you will have to do is wear one of these bands and you can get into your room, get food, get into the parks, FastPass, PhotoPass ...everything with a band. This means you don't have to wear a lanyard around anymore or misplace your card. You will have the wristband for everything and they will be in wonderful colors. But this is just speculations of what is to come for Disney. The cool thing is that these are the standard wristbands, they will also be making custom wristbands that you can put your name and your favorite character on, in the colors you want as well.
If you would like to learn more about these wristbands and see some cool pics of what the custom bands could look like, you can always hop over to DizFanatic and the article is by Micheal DiMare. It is kind of long but at the end there are some great pics of what it will be like when going through the park with the wristbands. I am hoping that this rumor turns out to be true because I just love the idea! What does everyone else think? Ready for a new/fun way to travel around Disney!?


  1. I've read about this rumor before and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It seems like it would be easier, but would it get lost more often then the cards? What if you lost it on a ride? I do like the idea of making them all look different... and maybe it would be better for the environment? Less garbage with used tickets? I wonder if they would try to get something like this in effect soon. I can imagine it's quite a challenge. Thanks for sharing! - Stelle

  2. They are kinda cool looking...but not sure how I feel about wearing this all the time, like if we go to Victoria & Alberts for a fancy dinner........would not look to cool with my dress.......?? Just sayin...

  3. Wow, I came across this blog by accident. I had no idea that this was going on for so long. I just got back from Disney and used the Magic Bands. It was so convenient. I love it. Leave it to Disney to do something like this. Where did you get this info from back in 2011???


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