Thursday, September 1, 2011

China Pavilion in Epcot

The picture for Wordless Wednesday was...
China Pavilion in Epcot
When my family and I go through the World Showcase, I always have to check out China. I love how how the country is landscaped and so beautiful. Here are another picture I had taken when I was walking through China.
 I love this picture of China in Epcot.
So beautiful, just love the buildings.

I loved the pond around China, so lovely with the birds.

Here is where you can meet Mulan and Mushu.
This is my stepson having a conversation with Mulan as 
she was signing his Autograph book.

 Toward the back of China is a long gift shop.

Here I am trying on the thier clothing, which
I did buy! I loved it, but I ended up getting it in black!

There is also a show that is up front of China. 
There are young children who put on a show called Dragon Legend Acrobats.
They are amazing and a "MUST" see!
To eat they have Nine Dragons which is a sit down dining experience.
Lotus Blossom Cafe which is a quick-service restaurant.
Also have "Reflection of China" which is a Circle-Vision 360° movie showing China's history and a museum that has several ancient Chinese artifacts. It's amazing!
Enjoy your trip to Epcot and don't forget to check out China!

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