Friday, August 5, 2011

My story of my favorite Disney pin

 My Ariel Disney Pin
I have been a collector of Disney pins since 2003, when I went to work for the Mouse! I loved my internship and enjoyed exchanging Disney pins with the guest. I got to slowly over time understand the whole pin collecting thing and why some Disney fans where so into this collection. I had one lady want one of my Disney pins so bad that she brought me to her van where she had about twenty different Disney books full of pins to pick from. I was impressed! I loved going down to the Disney Pin Traders and just check out all the new Disney pins. I did hear about this cool Ariel Disney pin that you could only get on the cruise ships. This pin came out on the boats every few hours, then taken away so not many people go them. It was a DCL Artist Choice and everyone seemed to want this pin at the time. I had only seen it once in someone's collection when I was at Disney, but I knew then after, I wanted it!
I never got the Ariel pin during my internship, but when I went back home I saw it on Ebay going for 125.00 dollars. I at the time, didn't have that much to bid on it. I had told my friend, how I was trying to save money and hoped that I could get it when it comes back on again. Well, it wasn't that long before this Disney pin was back on starting at 75.00 or buy at 132.00! I was about to bid on it when it got down to a day left, when someone just bought the pin!!! I was heart broken. This was the pin that I so wanted to have in my Disney pin collection. A few days later, my friend and I exchanged Christmas gifts and when I opened my gift, it was the DCL Artist Choice Ariel Pin!!! I couldn't believe it. Come to find out, he had been on Ebay and saw the pin. He was the one who bought it! I have about 200, or more cool Disney pins in my collection, but this pin stands out the most.
Here is my favorite Disney pin!

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  1. Don't you just love when things like that happen ;)lol. Well I am glad this is your all time favorite Disney pin and that I was able to get it for you as your Christmas Gift. It was close but I got it! :)You were so excited and happy and it was awesome, just like your blogs! :) Pin looks awesome and looks just as the day I got it :)


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