Saturday, August 6, 2011

Looking back at a great time in my a Cast Member

Disney World Cast Member
I remember the day I got on the plane that took me to Walt Disney World, not to visit, but to work as a Cast Member for the MOUSE himself! I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was glad that my mom and sister came down with me. I can remember waiting in line with hundreds of other excited students who where doing the college program. In line, I got to meet one of my roommates which was exciting. I lived with five other girls and we had a good time together. Each of us had different jobs at Disney, so sadly we didn't always get to see each other because of having different shifts. I got to work at Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. I worked in the gift shops, the cart at the Haunted Mansion, got to work at Splash Mountain, worked over in Adventureland, gift shops in Frontierland, I painted on ornaments, sketched with artists on Main Street and was picked to do inventory for Magic Kingdom which was fun!   
I remember seeing the three o'clock parade go by my first week working and I had tears in my eyes of joy. On the last day, I worked I still had the same tears of joy in my eyes when the parade went by. After making friends, working at such a magical place, it was hard to leave to go home. But I had missed my family. I remember my coordinator saying to me, "We would hate to have such a great cast member leave. Are you sure you don't want to stay longer?" I sadly left, but with Outstanding on my Cast Member papers. I also got some great gifts too. 
 Here are two pins that where given to me when I left Disney by my coordinator
  The Small Mickey pin was given to me because I had gotten three 100's.
Disney takes pride in their cast members doing their job and exceeding guest expectations.
I did my job at Disney with pride and cared about the guests 
(wanted every guest to have their magical moments)!
The cast member trading reward was given to me because
I was always trading pins with guests. I always had my lanyard ready for
some fun trading and ready got involved with Disney pins.
These are just two of my gifts!

My days at Disney is never over, I still love going down to visit when I can. 
I am sure one day I will find myself working at Disney World again.

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