Monday, August 8, 2011

Boma – Flavors of Africa

Boma – Flavors of Africa
At Animal Kingdom Lodge
They serve a family-friendly buffet-style breakfast and dinner.
My friend and I went there for Dinner and we were the first to be seated.
They had men drumming on both sides of the place as people
were seated, that was awesome!
They had offers prepared with African touches, 
which included vegetarian selections,
traditional dishes,and fire-grilled meats.
They also had different seafood, soups, 
salads, and yummy desserts.
I found myself at the desserts a lot at the end.
For kids they had some American dishes too.
There were plenty of dishes to choose from
and so many different types that there is something
for everyone here!
My friend and I ate as much as we could and we loved it!
This is us at our table about eating our meal!
We had a wonderful time!
Now, you don't have to be staying at this resort 
to eat can make a reservation at
online at
head over to Bona - Flavors of Africa and
make the reservations online. 
If you have the Disney Dinning Plans, you can use that as well!


  1. Nice! So what did u end up ordering?

  2. it was a I had to go up and pick out my food, I must have had like three different dishes that day! I remember being very full!! lol


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