Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Journey into Narnia Closing

 Found out that on Sept 10th the Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian is closing it's doors. This attraction is in Disney's Hollywood Studios. There had been rumors going around that it was going to close, but guests enjoyed it enough to keep it opened as long as they have.
There are other rumors of what will they be putting in next?
There is a talk about a Pirate theme walk through and also some meet and greet (maybe for pirates). I am hoping that it is some sort of walk through that takes into a whole other world like Journey into Narnia.

WISHFUL THINKING: Though I am surprised that of how big Narnia story is that they never made a ride of this...I think it would be cool to walk through the wardrobe and jump into a white sleigh with that dwarf. Follow along the trails where you meet the creatures of Narnia. I think I would have loved that ride. Fight the White Queen, meet Santa, go over the River as it brakes into pieces! That would have been so awesome! Maybe someday Disney would make a ride like this...it would be awesome!

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