Sunday, August 21, 2011

Other Magical Moment :)

Magical Moments In Walt Disney World

I loved working in the gift shops when I was working at Liberty Square.
I enjoyed helping others make their dreams come true!

One day, I was working at The Yankee Trader when a mom and her daughter came into the store. The girl was about eight and very talkative, like most eight years old are! The mom was shopping around, looking at the kitchen items. She wasn't paying attention to the little girl who was talking a mile a minute! The girl walked over to the counter and stared at the cookies. We had some cool cookies, that was of Ariel, Mickey, Pooh and so on. She then looked up at me and I smiled at her. She smiled back. Then she was looking at a Tinkerbell Pillow and put her face on it. I asked her how it felt. She said, "soft." She then came over and started talking with me. We must have talked about everything Disney! I remember she told me she liked  my pins on my lanyard. She hadn't had a pin yet and hoped to get one soon. Then her mom came to cash out. I talked with her mom a little and then as they started heading out I yelled, "wait!" I went over and said to the little girl, "I want you to have your first Disney pin on me! Why don't you take one from my lanyard!" The girl smiled from ear to ear and picked one. I wish I could remember which one she picked but I remember how happy she was when she left! It made my day!:)

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  1. What a sweet story!! It's CMs like you, making magical memories that make Disney trips so special!!!


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