Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mickey Pancakes are the best! YUM!

I love Mickey Pancakes!
Here is how I make them for Breakfast:)
 This is my Mickey Waffle Maker.
Plug it in and it is ready to cook in a few minutes.
I also use it when I make Mickey Pancakes.
I get my favorite pancakes batter and add in Minnie's Sprinkles.
I got these Sprinkles at Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom.
Put your pancake batter in the Waffle maker for about 3 minutes
It really doesn't take long which is so great...
get to eat faster this way!
Remember can also make waffles as well.
Then put on favorite toppings...Eggo Syrup and cinnamon is
what I love best.:)
Then you have yourself a Mickey Breakfast!
Have a Magical Morning!

1 comment:

  1. So I take it u like Mickey Mouse Pancakes? Just a hunch ;) Can I get a few waffles with those?


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