Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My New Disney Find

My lovely Disney Items that I found in Town!
So today I went around town and went into Hallmark. I love walking through and seeing all the new items they have coming up for the new holiday season, plus they have their ornaments out for Christmas. I just love seeing the new Disney ornaments and picking some out for our tree each year. Along my journey through the store I came across a new section of all Disney items! They had mugs, Wall Art Sayings from Walt Disney, items blocks to use on your deck with Disney sayings on them..and the list goes on. They also had a Memo Mouse Pad to jot down your weekly to-do's and daily dreams which you can get for a special deal when you buy other Disney items. Here are my two pick ups that I had to have and now hanging on my wall!
These are my two awesome new Wall hangs...
One with Mickey saying "If you can dream it, you can do it."
and one with Mickey and the Gang that reads "The most important thing is family"
I am hoping to get back to Hallmark soon to purchase a few more
Disney items!
Check out your Hallmark store to see this awesome line of Disney items!


  1. Good buys! I loved this whole line. I bought the left one for myself, and the right one for my mom as a thank you gift for my bridal shower. I am so glad to hear they are out in the stores again! I'm going to have to stock up on some!


  2. I love the wall hangings! They are addicting-- I have two at home and one in my classroom. Of course, I'd really love to have them all.


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