Monday, August 15, 2011

What 'EYES' a seven year old at Disney World

The 'EYE' of a Seven year old child

I just started going through some of our folders on our computer of our 2009 Trip to Disney. I came across a folder that Read "Stepsons Pics". I remember giving him my camera when we went on the monorail and headed over to Magic Kingdom. I have to say that some of these pics where great! He has a 'eye' for amazing things at Disney. It's also cool to see what fascinates a child at Disney World. What they think is worth taking pictures of when they walk through the park or travel from one destination to another. I wanted to share some of his wonderful picture shots with all of you! I think you will be very impressed by what he enjoyed looking at when he was holding the camera!

Disney's Wedding Pavilion 
I love this shot he took of it!

 Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
I remember him loving the look of this resort when we 
went by on the monorail.
The Celebrate Today flags and some random lady

Walking up to Magic Kingdom, he was so excited!!

I remember he loved the Names on the way
up to Magic Kingdom.

I guess he really liked the buses, for there 
where about six shots of them coming and going!

The Sign to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Now, we weren't staying there, and haven't yet...
maybe he really wants to stay there someday!

Next time you go down to Disney World, give your child, your canera, or let them
have their own. It's always fun to see what they enjoy through their 'eyes'. What they
find to be worth taking pictures of. I have to say that I have enjoyed my stepson's collection
of really amazing Disney Pics!

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  1. What a great idea! I love his photos, the one of the Wedding Pavilion is great. :)


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