Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting over a fear at Disney

O.K. So everyone has a fear. Some people are afraid of bugs, some don't like water, some don't like closed spaces, others fear lighting and so on. I am a person that fears the Haunted Mansion. That is right, you heard it hear. I am scared of the Haunted Mansion. Let me tell you how it all started and how I tried so hard to get over this fear!!
The first time I went to Disney was back in 1992. I was twelve years old, already scared of ghosts and the dark. I was excited about going to Disney World, but not so excited when asked to go on the Haunted Mansion! I mean, ghosts flying around, and then trying to get a ride home with you?? NOT FROM ME, THESE GHOSTS ARE NOT COMING HOME!! I was scared out of my mind! Plus, my family though it was great to go to the Mansion when it was dark which just made it worse! I had to stay outside with my dad and just looked at it! There was no way I was going in! I remember not even wanting to go close to the mansion just in case a ghost would grab me and pull me in! Yes, I had a wild imagination!
Now lets go forward eleven years to 2003! This was the year I went to work for Disney. Can you believe that of all the places to work at Disney, I get Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square working at the Haunted Mansion cart! Yep, that was where I was placed the most! Lucky me! I loved chasing guests around with the ghost dogs on the leashes we sold though! LOL Yet, when people came out of the ride, I felt a chill down my back. I was scared. I didn't want to be scared of this ride, many guests came out telling me how much they loved the ride! I wanted to enjoy it too!!!
This is what I did to come over my fear and enjoy the Haunted Mansion ride once and for all!!! On my last day of work at Liberty Square, I decided to ride the Haunted Mansion ride alone! I was nervous and scared but ready to face my fear! I remember being fine until I got in the Doom Buggie and noticed that I was so fast getting to the ride that no one was in any doom buggies near me!! I was really alone on this ride! The next person was like five bugs back and no one was in front of me at all!! Yikes! The ride stopped half way through saying that ghosts were running around up ahead and we had to wait!! I was so nervous and scared!! I was like of all things to happen on this ride, I would get stuck on it alone and in the darkest spot! Right near the spiders!!! I have to say that I did make it out a live..I am not the 1000th ghost, well at least not yet!
I have to say that since then, I have gone the ride countless times now! But this ride will always send chills down my spine!! Every time!:)


  1. aww oh no! That's one of my faves!! =[ that stinks that your so afraid! But I understand!!! =]

  2. I wish I wasn't afraid! lol ..I still go on it when I go down now. It's a little easier every time! :)


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